Any parrot will love the 3630 Star Step. It offers climbing and chewing options galore with multiple elements. Check out the ultimate toy for avian enrichment.

3630 Star Step

At the top, the 3630 Star Step has a quick link connector and ring. Three (3) pieces of plastic cord hang from the ring, then pass through a wooden ball and star. From there, they split off into individual segments. Each segment has a mix of wooden steps and vine balls and ends with a silver bell.

The beautiful, easy-going Pionus Parrot will definitely love to work out a bit of excess energy on the 3630 Star Step, which helps them continue to be easy-going. This baby has it all, enchanting colors, a variety of textures, easy climbing opportunities, even the tinkle of bells. This toy is excellent for keeping your companion parrot's feet healthy, and they will love to explore this wonderful addition to the aviary. 

Hookbill parrots, like the Pionus, the Amazon, the African Grey, Parrotlets, and others need to give their beaks a workout with lots of toys to chew on. This helps to keep the beak healthy and prevent beak overgrowth. The 3630 Star Step has lots of great elements for chewing including multiple, colorful wooden beads, and wooden steps. In between these elements are natural vine balls that will also provide excellent chewing opportunities. With the variety of textures, colors, and sounds, your parrot won't know whether to climb it or chew on it first. 

As with all of our Bonka Bird Toys, the 3630 Star Step is 100% bird-safe. It has a height of approximately 11" (27.9cm) and a width of approximately 4" (10.16cm). In spite of its size, it weighs less than 6 Oz. (.17kg). The star step attaches easily in the aviary with the quick link connector.

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