The Kings Cages 9003223 Dome Top Bird Cage will delight cockatoos. Ample vertical area provides climbing space. The seed skirt helps keep things neat. Read on!

The beautiful 9003223 Dome Top Cage comes in (5) colors. It has an extra-large front access door with a bird-resistant lock and a smaller dome-top door. The 3.5mm gauge bars are spaced at 5/8 inch. The cage is powder-coated for beauty and durability. It features ample horizontal bars for climbing.

The Kings Cages 9003223 Dome Top Bird Cage is perfect for Cockatoos, Mini Macaws, mature African Grey Parrots, Eclectus Parrots and Amazon Parrots. It can be used to house either a single medium to large bird, or several smaller birds. It is approximately 32" (81cm) Wide, 23" (58.42cm) Deep, and 65" (1.6m) High. It has an interior height of 40" (1.016m) with a large front door measuring 26.5" (67cm) Long by 13" (33cm) Wide. This gives you plenty of room to bring your avian companion in and out without requiring them to duck their head. The large front door comes with a bird-resistant lock for safety. The bars are 3.5mm (.13") thick, and 5/8" (1.5cm) apart. It weighs 92 pounds (41.7kg).

There is so much to talk about with this cage, it's hard to know where to begin. First of all, the dome top adds height, which is good for medium-sized to slightly larger birds. This gives them ample room to climb and explore, while still providing enough room to flap their wings without hitting the side bars. The dome-top door makes hanging toys and other goodies inside the cage simple and painless. The horizontal domed bars at the top also lend themselves to this, particularly with Bonka Bird Toy's quick link connectors. There is a breeder box door with a latch, making it easy and convenient to add a breeder box. Three (3) 20 oz (.56kg) stainless steel cups are also included.

The large main door allows for easy ingress and egress without requiring your feathered pal to duck or squat down. This is particularly important if you have a younger bird, or a bird that is new to your home. Birds in these circumstances don't like to be put into a position where they feel they can't control their environment or what happens to them. It's difficult to pull off fight or flight while you're hunkered down passing from one area into another, and they definitely know when they are in this position. This door also comes with a bird-resistant lock, in case you have a Houdini on your hands!

This cage may not be the best option for a young African Grey Parrot, as they like square corners that they can back into when they feel nervous or lack confidence in a situation. The domed top may seem too expansive for them to feel safe. A smaller more intimate cage is probably better for a young African Grey, moving up to this type of cage when the bird becomes more mature and has more self confidence. It may be possible to make a young or timid African Grey feel more secure by draping a grey towel, similar in color to the parrot, across the top of the cage, with it hanging down several inches all around. Make sure there is a perch up within this covered area. The young parrot may feel safe enough if they can perch under cover, much like they would among the leaves of a tree. 

Another excellent feature of this cage is the abundance of horizontal as well as vertical bars. Horizontal bars in particular are great for allowing birds, particularly slightly larger birds to climb all around and explore. Maintaining curiosity and interest are so important for these long-lived companions. Imagine if you lived 50 years, but you lost interest in learning, seeing, or feeling new things? This is a well-designed cage with some of the aesthetics of a round-topped cage, without the danger of catching little bird toes in any angled wire junctions.

At the bottom of the 9003223 Dome Top Bird Cage, there is a removable metal grill measuring 30 7/16" (77.3cm) x 22 3/8" (56.8cm)  as well as a removable tray measuring 22.5" (57.15cm) x 30.5" (77.47cm). This is convenient for daily cleaning and paper changes, along with weekly sanitizing. There is a large seed skirt around the bottom of the cage, which helps to catch seed husks, toy bits, and other debris and direct it back into the tray, for easy clean up. All of this sits atop a matching stand with industrial-strength casters, allowing for easy cage movement. A wooden perch is also included. The Kings Cages 9003223 Dome Top Bird Cage comes in Grey/Silver, Black/Silver, Sandstone, White, or Coppertone.  

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