Large birds will enjoy hours of long-lasting playtime fun with the 1006 Huge Tuff Balls from Bonka Bird Toys. Learn how your pet can enjoy these balls of fun.

The 1006 Huge Tuff Balls is a colorful ball toy built for large sized birds. The toy offers tremendous foraging potential, and you can easily expand upon it by adding new parts. Birds are attracted to the bright colors of this fun toy. It will quickly become a big hit inside the birdcage.

When it comes to bird toys, sometimes you just need something that looks super fun and attractive toy birds. You need to consider what birds like. These curious creatures love bright colors and funky designs that spark their interest. You get exactly that with the 1006 Huge Tuff Balls from Bonka Bird Toys. Your feathered friends won’t be able to get enough once you introduce this toy into the cage.

The construction of the 1006 Huge Tuff Balls is very simple. A stainless steel link chain runs through the entire toy. Moving down from the top, you will first encounter some large colorful plastic rings. But the real highlight comes after that when you find the first large tuff ball. This super colorful ball has some smaller rattler balls inside that will bounce and shake around whenever your bird plays. This will result in some pleasing sound effects for your pet to enjoy.

If that weren’t enough, there is a second tuff ball and some more plastic rings hanging below the first one. Your feathered friend will love to chew on the tuff balls and swing them all around the cage to make some fun sounds. But you will need to get creative if you want to maximize the potential of this toy. We strongly recommend hanging some treats and other additions to these huge tuff balls to give your bird some additional textures and colors to enjoy. One fun option can be to tie a bell around one of the balls so that it rings whenever your pet goes to play.

And we can’t ignore the foraging potential of the 1006 Huge Tuff Balls. With balls this big, you can hide lots of treats and surprises inside to give your bird something to look for.You might even stuff the balls with shreddy paper for some added fun. If you need some more shreddy paper, then you can always get your next refill from Bonka Bird Toys! We recommend the 1654 Crinkle Paper. We are sure that you will find lots of cool ways to use this fun and versatile toy.

The 1006 Huge Tuff Balls measures in at about five (5) inches wide, and it is roughly 22 inches tall. The toy comes in different assorted color combinations, all of which are attractive to birds. At the top of the toy is a quick-link attachment that allows you to easily hang it from the top of the cage. All of the materials used in the 1006 Huge Tuff Balls are completely bird-safe.

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