Bonka Bird Toys has some of the best spinning bird toys. Your feathered friend will love their new spinning toy. Check out our favorite spinning bird toys.

You can get great spinning bird toys from Bonka Bird Toys. Every bird needs some fun toys to play with, and spinning bird toys provide hours of pleasure and amusement. Some of our most favorite spinning toys are the 3152 Party Spinner, the 3153 Mug Spinner, and the 3156 Spoon Spinner.

First let’s talk about the 3152 Party Spinner. This toy features a variety of different materials for your bird to enjoy, and its vibrant and bold design is sure to stand out nicely in their cage. Each 3152 Party Spinner comes loaded with multi-colored bobbins and ropes that can spin around on a plastic disc. The plethora of bright colors will certainly attract your bird’s attention, and they will experience excitement every time they chew on the ropes and bobbins. This fun toy is completely bird-safe, and it measures about ten (10) inches long and six (6) inches wide. It includes a chain link for easy cage placement.

Next is the 3153 Mug Spinner. This is an exciting spinning toy that is perfect for small to medium sized birds. It consists of multiple colored plastic rings, plastic bobbins, plastic discs, and a couple of dangling plastic mugs. Birds love the bright and vibrant colors of the 3153 Mug Spinner, and they enjoy chewing on the bird-safe plastic material. It has lots of items for your bird to grab and pull. They can even spin the rings and mugs around for added amusement. This great bird toy measures ten (10) inches long and four (4) inches wide. A chain link allows for easy placement in the cage.

Last up is the 3156 Spoon Spinner. This toy has multiple shiny spoons hanging from a colored plastic disc. The shiny material of the spoons will definitely earn your bird’s focus, and they will love to poke and play with the stainless steel material. The toy even has some colorful plastic rings that are great for a bird to chew. The entire structure is easy for a bird to spin around if they want some pleasant noise to accompany their playtime. This toy is completely bird-safe, and it will quickly become one of your pet’s most favorite playthings. It measures 11 inches long and six (6) inches wide. There is a chain link for easy installation.

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