Hollowed-out coconuts are perfect for small birds needing a fun nesting area. We have some great natural coconut toys for small birds. Check out these toys.

Some natural coconut toys for small birds are the 3195 Party Coco and the 2114 3 Hole Coco Hut. These toys are both built from hollowed-out natural coconuts. They are perfect hang out spots for smaller birds. Your small feathered friend is sure to be pleased with their new coconut mini home.

First up today is the 3195 Party Coco. This is a hollowed-out natural coconut that is decorated with loads of colorful shredded paper and connected a sturdy metal chain. The coconut has three (3) large holes to give your bird multiple access points to the inside. Your chirping pal will surely love the bright colors of the shreddy paper, which also makes for excellent chewing and foraging material. Meanwhile, the inside of the coconut is perfect for nesting.

The 3195 Party Coco measures about nine (9) inches long and 4.5 inches wide. These dimensions can vary slightly between toys, as it is built from natural coconut. The easy attachment link makes it super convenient to hang the toy inside your bird’s cage. This fun and amusing toy is completely bird-safe, and it provides some great foraging and playing materials.

Next we have the 2114 3 Hole Coco Hut. This toy consists of a hollowed-out natural coconut with three (3) big holes to give your smaller bird easy access to the inside. Your beaked buddy will love to enter their secret hideaway and use it as a good nesting space. Many bird lovers like to fill the inside of the coconut with fabric or other soft material to give their birds something soft to rest upon.

The 2114 3 Hole Coco Hut measures about eight (8) inches long and four (4) inches wide and deep. However, these dimensions can vary slightly due to this toy being built from natural coconut material. The top of the toy has a long piece of twine strung through it. This lets you tie it to the top of the cage so that it can hang free. The 2114 3 Hole Coco Hut is 100% bird-safe, and it makes the perfect hut and chew toy.

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