The 3197 Foraging Bell is a great foraging wood toy for smaller birds. Your feathered friend will love their new toy. Learn about the 3197 Foraging Bell.

A good small foraging wood toy is the 3197 Foraging Bell. This toy consists of a wooden bell that is decorated with bunches of colorful shredded paper. Your smaller bird will love searching through the shredded paper to find the inner bell. The toy makes a great addition to a birdcage.

3197 foraging bell

When it comes to birds, foraging is the act of searching for food or something to chew on. Birds enjoy staying active and stimulated, and foraging is something that these creatures love to do on a daily basis. By giving your feathered friend a safe and fun means for foraging, they will be more likely to remain healthy and happy for many years to come.

The 3197 Foraging Bell gives a bird the perfect opportunity to forage and play. This small foraging wood toy has a wooden bell that is affixed with multi-colored shredded paper. The bright colors will surely attract a bird’s attention and focus. You flying pal will find it amusing to uncover the natural wood bell that they chew upon to their heart’s content. This is excellent exercise for its beak, and it provides a great way for your bird to stay in shape. You might even get extra creative and find small treats to hide inside the shredded paper.

Each 3197 Foraging Bell weighs about two (2) ounces, and it measures eight (8) inches long, five (5) inches wide, and three (3) inches deep. The toy features a metal chain that lets it hang down from the top of the cage. This also allows it to swing and sway whenever your bird plays with the toy. It is made of completely bird-safe materials for hours of fun and amusement. Your bird will love the bright colors of the shredded paper and the natural wood bell that is great for chewing. The toy can be conveniently purchased from Bonka Bird Toys.

July 22, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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