One of the questions we hear from many parrot owners is, "What kind of toys are best for birds?" You've come to the right place if you're looking for bird toys! 

This blog post will discuss some of the best types of bird toys. Parrots are known for being intelligent animals, and they need plenty of stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Toys are a great way to provide that stimulation, and birds love playing with them! Birds are playful creatures and love to have something to keep them entertained. A good bird toy will provide your bird with hours of fun, but it will also help reduce boredom and destructive behaviors. When choosing a bird toy, it is essential to consider your bird's size, species, and personality. Some characteristics are common in each species, but every parrot is an individual. The easiest way to understand what your bird likes is to observe how it plays. 

Does your bird like to destroy things? If this is true, you're going to need wood toys! Wood toys come in all sizes and colors. If your bird is shy, look for toys that don't have a lot of movement. 

Start with Bonka Bird Toys 1335 Wood Star for mid-size conures up to amazon. 

Bonka Bird Toys 1638 Picket Fence is an excellent option for larger birds. This toy has an easy edge to test the beaks of larger birds that aren't sure about big toys. 

Try Bonka Bird Toys 3769 Long Natural Star Gazer for small birds like cockatiels, lovebirds, and Quakers. While this is not a wood toy, the vine stars provide a stimulating texture for small birds. This toy can be stuffed with millet, small pellets, or seeds, encouraging your bird to engage in natural foraging behavior and play. 

Wood toys can be simple like the ones mentioned or complex and busy like Bonka Bird Toys 00672 Big Heap. Big Heap for mid-size parrots and larger combines wood and plastic with multiple colors and strands to keep your bird chipping wood for days. 

Try Bonka Bird Toys 3837 Starburst, which combines thin wood stars and vegetable-tanned leather for a great chew for the smaller birds! 

If your bird is more outgoing, consider toys that make noise! Bonka Bird Toys 1762 Duo Clacker is a big favorite available in several different colors. Add a smear of nut butter to one of the measuring cups for a special treat! This toy is appropriate for all-sized birds who love to bang and clang!

If your bird prefers to shred things slowly, the possibilities are endless. One of the most popular, Bonka Bird Toys 3619 Huge Corn Silk Cascade, is bright and colorful and loaded with corn husks for your bird to shred. Try Bonka Bird Toys 3617 Medium Corn Silk Ball for the smaller species. When choosing toys for your bird, pick a variety of textures, materials, and designs. Rotate toys in and out regularly to change your bird's habitat.


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