Does your parrot forage for toys or treats? 

Foraging is a natural behavior and should be encouraged. Did you know Bonka Bird Toys carries stainless steel foraging buckets for everyone? 

Teaching your birds to forage is as easy as filling the bucket. Here are some recommended sizes and ideas to keep your bird from boredom. Bonka Bird Toys carries versatile SS buckets from 1 quart to 6 quarts. Let's explore some great ways to utilize these inexpensive foraging tools.

Bonka Bird Toys 800099 is a 1 quart SS Bucket that is free hanging. This size is perfect for foraging without it becoming a nest.

For large birds such as macaws or cockatoos, toss treats or toys in the bucket and secure it from the top or side of the cage so that your parrot must "tip" the bucket to get a snack. Please note: Be sure the handle is securely attached and that your bird cannot put their head between the bale and the bucket. Remove the bale, and it becomes an excellent, safe noisemaker for your larger birds. 

Teach your parrot to play basketball with Bonka Bird Toys 1492 Mini Hard Plastic Balls. They come in a 12-pack! If you prefer toys that fill multiple roles, consider 1206 3 Foraging Balls. These can be stuffed with crinkle paper or millet and dropped in the bucket for your bird to explore. Hard, crunchy vegetables such as carrots or broccoli will hold up safely for hours, and your parrot will embrace the natural behavior of seeking out its treats. Consider replacing all those plastic containers and tubs with stainless steel. I even use a 6 quart for my toy cleaning water. 

Bonka Bird Toys also carries flat-sided pails with side hooks from 1 quart to 6 quarts. These allow you to secure the bucket to the side of any habitat with two rounded SS tabs. I fold those flaps around the cage wire and fasten the bale to the cage for extra safety. 

They make a great place to throw those toys parts surgically removed by your parrot and dropped to the bottom. Add in some fun, natural toy parts, some crinkle paper, and a few favorite treats. Your parrot will love foraging and making that fantastic echo noise!

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