Cockatiels make great pets, and knowing what kind of toys to get is crucial for keeping one happy. Learn which toys are sure to impress your cockatiel bird.

The kind of toys cockatiels like are the ones that promote an active play environment. Almost any cockatiel bird will love to move around and work its legs. You want interesting toys to help your pet stay healthy and strong. These toys encourage engagement and keep birds stimulated.

There are all sorts of cockatiel colors. You might have a white cockatiel, a pearl cockatiel, or even a yellow cockatiel. But nearly any cockatiel loves to exercise and stay active. This is important to consider whether you have a baby cockatiel, or a cockatiel that is full-grown. You can help your cockatiel get its exercise with some fun toys for its cage. And we have exactly what you need a Bonka Bird Toys. These toys will make your cockatiel very happy and excited. Who knows, you might even get to hear some cockatiel singing!

One toy that is perfect for cockatiels is the 1324 Swing. This is a simple toy that provides a nice wooden perch and plastic beads for your cockatiel to enjoy. A cockatiel will love to chew on the beads and swing on the perch. Swinging and climbing on the 1324 Swing is the perfect way for your cockatiel to stay active. You can even attach other toys on the hooks below for some extra fun. A sturdy chain at the top allows for easy hanging in the cage. You will love to watch your cockatiel swing and play on this fun toy!

We also recommend the 869 Millet Holder for pet cockatiels. This toy consists of a spiral of brightly colored beads that lead to a pleasant ringing bell at the bottom. Your cockatiel will love to climb on the spiral for a fun workout. The toy is perfect for hanging millet, which is sure to please your feathered friend. Note that the 869 Millet Holder does not come with any millet. But it does feature a quick link attachment for easy cage placement. This is an outstanding climbing toy, and your pet cockatiel is sure to be impressed!

October 28, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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