If your bird is a climber, then they will love the 36352 Bird Ladder from Bonka Bird Toys. It comes in blue or yellow. Learn about the 36352 Bird Ladder.

The 36352 Bird Ladder from Bonka Bird Toys is a climbing toy for small birds. The ladder has hooks at the top so you can easily hang it from the cage. You can also just lean it or lay it flat. The ladder toy is surprisingly versatile, and it is made from a safe, durable plastic material.

Climbing is probably not the first activity that comes to mind when you think of a bird. But many birds are actually excellent climbers. The activity is a great way for a bird to work its lower body and strengthen its legs and talons. Any smaller bird that enjoys climbing will certainly fall in love with the 36352 Bird Ladder. They can get a satisfying workout and climb to their heart’s content. You might even have a surprise or treat waiting at the top for some encouragement!

Since the 36352 Bird Ladder is designed to be hung, it is also great for swinging. You can hang it from the top of the cage, and your bird can perch on any of the plastic ladder rungs. Then your pet can sway back and forth to swing the ladder. This will really amuse them and test their balancing ability. If your bird is less adventurous, that’s okay too. You can lay the ladder flat at the bottom of the cage for your bird to walk across. This is perfect foot exercise for a bird.

Some birds might like to chew on the plastic ladder rungs while they are perched. This is fine, as the material is completely bird-safe. The act of chewing will also feel really nice on their beak. The 36352 Bird Ladder comes in blue and yellow. It is very durable and easy to wash and maintain as needed. It measures about eight (8) inches long and 2.5 inches across. You can get this fun ladder toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

September 29, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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