You will need some fun toys to keep your cockatiel entertained. Bonka Bird Toys has great toys to keep cockatiels amused. Learn how to entertain a cockatiel.

You can entertain a cockatiel with a toy that promotes exercise and movement. Cockatiel birds are playful, and they need to stay active on a daily basis. Without fun toys, your cockatiel will not be entertained, and it will become bored. This can result in undesired behavior from your pet.

Cockatiels are fairly diverse birds, and there are all sorts of cockatiel colors. Whether you have a white cockatiel, a pearl cockatiel, or a yellow cockatiel, you can be sure that your pet will love to stay active and play. Cockatiel birds also stay active throughout their lives. It doesn’t matter if you have a baby cockatiel or an adult cockatiel. You will want to keep your bird engaged and stimulated so that it remains healthy and strong. A happy bird may even reward you with some cockatiel singing! In terms of what toys will keep your cockatiel the most entertained, it’s a great idea to choose toys that encourage climbing and shredding for playtime.

One toy that we think is great for cockatiels is the 1243 Foamy Delight. This toy is perfect for an active cockatiel that wants to get the most out of its play sessions. The 1243 Foamy Delight features eight (8) colored shred tubes that are interwoven and decorated with colored foam spacers for added amusement. A cockatiel can climb all over this toy for a satisfying workout. Another benefit is that a cockatiel can shred the tubes and destroy the foam spacers to blow off some steam. Your cockatiel bird is sure to have the time of its life with this fun toy!

Many cockatiel owners will also use the 1243 Foamy Delight for some foraging fun by hiding treats and surprises inside the tubes. Foraging is a natural behavior for cockatiel birds, and it helps promote mental stimulation. And the shred tubes are also excellent for climbing and beak exercises. There are so many ways that you cockatiel can enjoy this cool toy! The 1243 Foamy Delight measures about seven (7) inches long and six (6) inches across. The toy is completely bird-safe, and a quick link attachment at the top allows for easy cage placement.

October 28, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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