Your pet can gear up for some fun with the 851 Gearing from Bonka Bird Toys. Your medium to large bird will love to pull it around. Learn about this toy.

The 851 Gearing is a medium-sized pulling toy from Bonka Bird Toys. The versatile toy features lots of chewable textures and bright colors to please your pet. Birds love to chomp down on the loose ends of the toy and pull it all around the cage for some fun and satisfying exercise.

We named the 851 Gearing based on the fact that it is a layered compressed cardboard ring that is decorated with plastic gears. Your beaked pal will love to tear up the cardboard for some destructive fun and amusement. There are four (4) natural cotton ropes that are knotted off and connected with the thick cardboard ring. Each rope secures more items like plastic shapes, gears and wood pieces.

Birds get excited to play with the 851 Gearing because of its bright colors. All of the wood pieces, plastic shapes, and gears have vibrant colors that really help the toy to stand-out in the aviary. It is important to remember that birds see the world differently than we do. Bold, bright colors are more noticeable to them, and presenting colorful toys is helpful for getting them active and in the mood to play. And with all the colors featured in the 851 Gearing, you really can’t go wrong.

One way that birds really love to use the 851 Gearing is as a pulling toy. Your feathered friend can bite on one of the soft cotton ropes and pull on the toy. This will cause the rest of the structure to shake, and the flurry of colors will surely please your winged wingman. You might even try shaking the toy a little yourself to get your pet excited. Once your bird is rowdy, the thick cardboard ring will stand no chance. Over time, your avian amigo will absolutely tear it to shreds!

The 851 Gearing is best-suited for medium to large birds. Small birds may also enjoy the toy, but they might find it a little bit intimidating. The toy measures about (12) inches tall, eight (8) inches wide, and three (3) inches deep, and it weighs about (13) ounces. It is easy to hang using the quick-link attachment at the top of the toy. All of the materials used in the 851 Gearing are totally bird-safe, but you should make sure to supervise your pet during the initial play session. The 851 Gearing is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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