The 1633 Large Sunshine from Bonka Bird Toys has the chewing and climbing excitement that your pet craves. Brighten the birdcage with the 1633 Large Sunshine.

The 1633 Large Sunshine is a chewing and climbing toy for large-sized pet birds. Your favorite beaked pal will love the different wooden textures and natural leather strands. There are also wooden pieces hanging from the bottom for the toy that your pet can climb for some extra exercise.

We typically recommend the 1633 Large Sunshine for large birds that love chewing on natural wood material. The toy’s main body is a half-inch (½) thick piece of wood. It has been cut and painted with an adorable smiling sunflower design. The bright, bold colors really stand-out, and they help garner a bird’s focus. Once your pet is hooked, they won’t want to stop chewing the natural wood!

But the 1633 Large Sunshine is much more than just a wooden sunflower. Its main body has six (6) drilled holes, with a natural leather strand running through each one. We attached two (2) colored wooden chew beads to each leather strand, for a total (12) wooden chew beads. Birds love to pull on the leather strands and shake the toy all around. The entire toy itself weighs less than (12) ounces, so your beaked pal will have no trouble pulling it.

We think the best part of the 1633 Large Sunshine is at the bottom. There are two (2) holes with a sturdy link chain running through each one. The chains hold climbable stacks of wooden disks and chew beads. Birds love to work their legs and talons on these stacks as they try to climb up. If your large feathered friend is a climber, then they will be thrilled to see this toy in their cage.

Many bird lovers like to get creative with the 1633 Large Sunshine by adding more toys and playthings to the four (4) metal rings at the bottom. This is sure to please your pet, especially if you add some foraging toys. You can really get creative with the 1633 Large Sunshine, and we definitely recommend it for any bird needing some chewing and climbing fun. There is a quick-link attachment at the top of the toy that allows for easy hanging.

The 1633 Large Sunshine is best-suited for large pet birds. If you have a smaller bird, you might prefer the 3502 Medium Sunshine instead. Both are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys. The 1633 Large Sunshine measures about (18) inches long, seven (7) inches wide, and three (3) inches deep. Both the 1633 Large Sunshine and the 3502 Medium Sunshine are built using 100% bird-safe materials. However, we recommend supervising your pet during the first play session to ensure a fun and safe experience.

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