Treat your pet with the 1733 Medium Pineapple! It has lots of beak-pleasing textures and wooden disks for climbing. Check out this toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1733 Medium Pineapple is a chewing, pulling, and climbing toy sold by Bonka Bird Toys. It features a wooden pineapple body that really stands-out in the cage. Your pet can chew on the wooden textures for beak exercises and work out its lower body and talons by climbing the toy.

What really makes the 1733 Medium Pineapple special is just how versatile it is as a bird toy. There are so many different ways your feathered friend can make use of the 1733 Medium Pineapple. One of the first things a bird will do with the toy is chew on it. The main body of the toy is a wooden plank that has been cut and painted to resemble a pineapple. Your beaked pal can chew on the wooden pineapple and the wooden disks and spheres that hang from the bottom of the toy on chains. There are even holes cut into the pineapple body with leather strands and wooden chew beads that are also great for chewing.

We drilled two (2) holes into the body of the 1733 Medium Pineapple and ran stainless steel chains through them that dangle on both sides. The chains secure stacks of wooden disks and spheres that your pet can climb. This gives your pet four (4) stacks that they can climb and pull as desired. Birds are actually quite adventurous, and they will use their legs and talons to try and scale hanging toys. Your winged wingman will feel so happy when they reach the top of the 1733 Medium Pineapple by climbing up the toy! This is also excellent exercise for birds, as it is very important for them to keep their lower bodies strong and conditioned.

The stacks of wooden disks and spheres are also perfect for pulling. Your avian amigo can chomp down on one of the wooden disks and start pulling the toy all around. The rattling and shaking of the toy will excite your pet and encourage them to keep playing. We even put a metal ring at the end of each of the four (4) climbing and pulling stacks that you can use for expanding the toy. Many users like to attach bells and other noisy items to add some exciting sound effects as their birds play. Birds like high-pitched, ringing sounds, so bells are great for this job.

The 1733 Medium Pineapple is about (14) inches tall, (3.5) inches wide, and three (3) inches deep. It weighs less than six (6) ounces, so your medium-sized bird should have no trouble pulling it around. The toy can be easily hung from the top of the cage using its quick-link chain attachment. If you have a larger bird, you might consider the 1734 Large Pineapple instead. Both the 1733 Medium Pineapple and the 1734 Large Pineapple are made of totally bird-safe materials, but you should still supervise your pet during their first play session. They are both proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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