Set sail with the 3653 Tugboat! Foraging fun awaits, and it has lots of shiny components for your pet. Check out the 3653 Tugboat from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 3653 Tugboat is a foraging toy that is known for its attractive shiny spoons and its translucent acrylic rings. This nautical-themed toy is sure to ship in some fun, as both you and your pet will love what it brings to the party. It has great foraging potential and shiny, pulling fun.

Like many great toys from Bonka Bird Toys, the 3653 Tugboat starts with a quick-link connector at the top. This runs down to a sturdy link chain that holds the base of the toy. A colorful plastic piece can be moved up and down the chain for some fun and amusement. But the major fun begins after the plastic piece, as you then reach the toy’s signature component.

A plastic tugboat is attached to the bottom of the chain, bringing a boatload of fun to your aviary. The tugboat has an empty tub of space, and you can stuff the tub with your pet’s favorite foraging material, such as shreddy paper, to give your feathered friend something to find. This is truly a foraging delight, as your pet will have to hunt and search for their next surprise. We have said many times before that birds love to forage, and what better place to search than in a big plastic tugboat? Not to mention, the vibrantly colored tugboat will really stand-out in the aviary, making it a big hit anyone observing your pet. Many birds like to rub and push against the tugboat for some added versatility. Like we said, the 3653 Tugboat is truly a boatload of fun!

But the ship that is the 3653 Tugboat hasn’t set sail just yet! There are some exciting components attached to the plastic tugboat to give your winged wingman more items to appreciate. Attached to the tugboat are two (2) colored acrylic pacifiers and two (2) stainless steel spoons. Each spoon is decorated with a translucent acrylic ring. This is surely a lot for your pet to take-in. The shiny spoons are highly attractive to birds, as they can’t seem to get enough of their shiny appearance. Not to mention, you would be hard-pressed to find a bird who doesn’t enjoy biting down on the acrylic rings and pacifiers to keep their beak nice and busy. This will alleviate cage boredom and keep your pet nice and happy!

Whether it’s foraging fun from searching among wads of added shreddy paper inside the plastic tugboat (toot! toot!), poking around at the shiny stainless steel spoons, pulling on the acrylic rings, or keeping the beak busy by chewing on the attractive acrylic pacifiers, your pet is sure to have a great time with the 3653 Tugboat. It’s a boatload of a great time! While the toy is built for smaller birds, the bright colors and overall strong durability make the product an option for birds of any size. Just get your pet’s favorite foraging material, and set sail!

As we mentioned earlier, the top of the 3653 Tugboat has a quick-link connector for easy hanging from the top of the aviary. The entire toy measures about nine (9) inches long, four (4) inches wide, and (4.5) inches deep. It weighs less than three (3) ounces before shredded paper is added, making it suitable for even your smaller avian amigos. This durable and fun plastic tugboat, and its attached shiny spoons and enticing rings and pacifiers are all available in one convenient package, proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys. Toot! Toot!

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