With woven palm flowers and a natural leather strand at the bottom, the 1756 Pansy Trio is a great chewing and pulling toy. Check it out at Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1756 Pansy Trio is a chewing and pulling toy with three (3) woven palm flowers, colorful foam bits, colored plastic straws, a natural leather strand knot, and a quick-link attachment at the top. Birds of all sizes love to chew and pull on this fun toy. It is sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

Not every successful bird toy or aviary addition has to be a major, intricate contraption. Compared with many of the toys we have featured on the Bonka Bird Blog, the 1756 Pansy Trio is relatively simple, and honestly, noticeably modest. But it still offers all the function and attractiveness that you would expect out of a great bird toy. It has all the components needed to keep your pet’s beak nice and busy, and it’s unique design adds a nice touch to the birdcage.

Starting at the top of the toy, the quick-link attachment on the 1756 Pansy Trio is used for easily hanging the toy from the birdcage ceiling. The toy will dangle below so that your pet can interact with it to their heart’s content. A sturdy metal wire runs downward, providing structure for the rest of the toy. As you move downward, you will find beak-pleasing textures for your pet to chew on. These include colored foam pieces, vibrant plastic straw pieces, and even a natural leather strand knot at the bottom.

But the three (3) chewable flowers arguably represent the most exciting and attractive component on the 1756 Pansy Trio. Constructed from woven palm leaves, the flowers have cool pointed petals, and birds love their natural appearance that contrasts nicely with bolder and more vibrant colors on the toy’s other pieces. These woven palm leaf petals will certainly please your feathered friend and quickly become a chewtime favorite.

There is also some pulling potential with the 1756 Pansy Trio. Birds love to chomp down on the tied leather strand at the bottom and use it to pull the toy all around. Not only can this be very exciting for your winged wingman, it is also some good exercise. We’ll take anything to alleviate some cage boredom. It’s also a funny sight to see your pet pulling the toy with all their might. Then they will let the toy go, and the woven palm flowers will shake all around. The entire toy weighs less than two (2) ounces, so even small birds can get in on the action.

As for the other dimensions of the 1756 Pansy Trio, the toy measures nine (9) inches in height and three (3) inches in width. All of the components used to make the 1756 Pansy Trio are bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe playtime experience. This is especially true when they first interact with the toy. You can get the 1756 Pansy Trio and many other great products from Bonka Bird Toys.

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