Perfect for chewing, shredding, and preening, the 841 Space Station offers out-of-this-world excitement! Check out the 841 Space Station from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 841 Space Station is a chewing, shredding, and preening toy that is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys. The space-themed toy is known for its diverse range of chewing materials, including cardboard bagels, smooth round wooden beads, wood planks, woven palm strips, and a natural vine ball.

There is a lot going on with the 841 Space Station, and you might feel like your head has been sent through a wormhole after hearing about the toy’s intricate construction. The top of the toy has a quick-link connector that you use to hang the toy from the top of the aviary. A sturdy metal wire runs downward from the connector to serve as the toy’s backbone, keeping everything in place and secure.

As you trace the metal wire downward from the quick-link connector, you will very quickly reach the toy’s first spherical and smooth colored wooden bead, half of a thick and enticing cardboard chew bagel, two (2) woven palm strips, and a colored wooden plank for chewing. You then reach the nucleus of the 841 Space Station, which is a full circle of a thick and meaty cardboard chew bagel, completely surrounding a natural vine ball that is stuffed with fun shredded paper.

At the center of the 841 Space Station, inside the vine ball where all the fun shreddy paper lies, the metal wire splits into four (4) directions. We already talked about the upper path that leads to the quick-link connector, but the other three (3) pathways are perhaps even more exciting. Whether you go left or right or downward, you will reach some fun chewing and shredding items that will surely allow for some busy beaks.

Working from the inner portion of the 841 Space Station to the outside, moving past the center vine ball and surrounding cardboard chew bagel, you reach a colored wood plank, two (2) woven palm strips, another half of a cardboard bagel, round wooden bead, and a soft cotton rope with frayed ends, decorated with two (2) additional wooden beads. The frayed rope ends are ideal for preening, as they help a bird adjust their features and feel more comfortable.

There is so much to do with all of the 841 Space Station components. Virtually all of the materials on the toy feel great on a bird’s beak, making it excellent for chewing. Your pet can tear and shred various components, including the woven palm strips, chew bagels, vine ball, and colorful shredded paper for some healthy and safe destruction. Preening is possible thanks to the frayed rope ends. And there is even some foraging potential by hiding treats and other surprises inside the natural vine ball. Once your feathered friend removes all of the shreddy paper inside, you can easily add some more.

In total, the 841 Space Station features ten (10) round wooden beads, four (4) cardboard bagel halves, one (1) complete and intact cardboard chew bagel, four (4) colored wooden planks, eight (8) woven palm strips, three (3) soft cotton rope strands, one (1) natural vine ball, a big wad of shredded paper, a cross wire running through the whole thing, and a convenient quick-link connector at the top. Wow, what a toy!

With its size, the 841 Space Station is best-suited for medium to large birds, but even smaller birds are likely to find something about it they like. The toy measures (11) inches tall, (8.5) inches wide, and (2.5) inches in depth. It weighs less than six (6) ounces. All of the materials and components used in this toy are completely bird-safe, but we still recommend supervising your pet during their first playtime experience to ensure their wellbeing. The 841 Space Station is very proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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