You can get your pet in the holiday spirit with the 3579 Christmas Twinkle Duck Hat Basket. It is great for chewing and foraging. Learn about this holiday toy.

The 3579 Christmas Twinkle Duck Hat Basket is a holiday chewing and foraging toy for small birds. It consists of a woven palm basket that contains a Christmas rubber duck and wads of red and green shreddy paper. A metal wire runs through the duck to keep it secure. A ringing bell hangs below.

It’s always fun to get your pet a holiday-themed toy when it’s that time of the year. Small birds in particular can really get some good usage out of the 3579 Christmas Twinkle Duck Hat Basket. The natural woven palm leaf basket is ideal for shredding, while the texture of the rubber Christmas duck feels great on a small bird’s beak. This makes the 3579 Christmas Twinkle Duck Hat Basket a good toy if your feathered friend is craving some roughhousing.

We can also recommend the 3579 Christmas Twinkle Duck Hat Basket as a pulling toy. On top of the rubber ducky is a tied natural leather strand that your bird can bite down upon and pull the toy all around. This offers good exercise for your flying companion, and it also makes the toy even more versatile. And your winged wingman is also sure to appreciate the bell at the bottom of the toy, which will provide some ringing sound effects as they pull the toy around.

Another great aspect of the 3579 Christmas Twinkle Duck Hat Basket is its foraging potential. The palm leaf basket comes absolutely stuffed with Christmas-colored red and green shredded paper. Not only is this paper perfect for tearing up, you can also use it to hide treats and other surprises for your pet to find. It’s no secret that birds love to hunt and forage, so giving your pet a treasure hunt is always a fun idea. The shredded paper can easily be replaced once it has been torn up.

There is a quick-link attachment on the top of the 3579 Christmas Twinkle Duck Hat Basket toy that makes it easy to hang from the upper bars of the aviary. The entire toy measures about (5.5) inches tall, three (3) inches wide, and (4.5) inches deep, making it best-suited for small birds. Since the toy weighs less than two (2) ounces, even the smallest of pet birds should have no trouble pulling it all around for some good exercise. All of the materials used in the 3579 Christmas Twinkle Duck Hat Basket are bird-safe, but you should still make sure to supervise your pet during their first play session. This toy is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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