You can’t go wrong with a shiny and noisy toy like the 3566 Round Jingle Bells! Your small pet bird will love to play. Learn about the 3566 Round Jingle Bells.

The 3566 Round Jingle Bells Toy is a shiny metal ring with three (3) colorful bells and a quick-link attachment. The toy is great for attracting a bird’s attention, and it provides some pleasant ringing sounds in the aviary. It is often added to other bird toys as a means of expansion.

Sometimes it just takes a simple device to get your pet bird excited and happy. That is clearly evident with the 3566 Round Jingle Bells from Bonka Bird Toys. Your first clue that this set of bells will be a big hit is its design. The central ring and its attached bells are all shiny and reflective. Birds love these types of surfaces, as they seem to attract their attention and focus to no end. There is just something about the way that light shines and reflects off metal surfaces that gets birds rowdy and ready to play. Your feathered friend should be no exception, and you can expect some playtime out of your beaked pal once they see this toy.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of the 3566 Round Jingle Bells is its pleasant ringing sound effects. A ringing bell is a great way to get a pet bird feeling playful and high-spirited. We believe that this is because a high-pitched bell is somewhat similar in sound to a high-pitched bird call or tweet. Birds are listening creatures, and they get very excited and on-alert when they think they might have a pal nearby. Even just ringing a bell can get your winged wingman feeling full of energy and ready to play. And with three (3) bells on one ring, it won’t be long until your pet is in a joyous and giddy mood!

If you’re looking for a creative way to use the 3566 Round Jingle Bells, then you might consider adding it to an existing bird toy for some expansionary excitement. Just use the quick-link on the toy to secure it to your pet’s favorite plaything. This can be a fantastic way to add some noisy fun to a different toy. Or if you are making your own bird toys, then the 3566 Round Jingle Bells might be the missing component that you need. Sometimes you just need that final shiny, ringy touch, and you really can’t go wrong with three colorful bells. And if you enjoy arts and crafts, then the 3566 Round Jingle Bells can come in handy in that department as well!

The 3566 Round Jingle Bells has a quick-link attachment so that you can easily hang it off your birdcage or another bird toy. The toy itself measures about three (3) inches tall and two (2) inches across. The shiny bells come in assorted colors. All of the materials used in the 3566 Round Jingle Bells are bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe experience. These materials are durable and tough for long-lasting enjoyment and delight. The 3566 Round Jingle Bells Toy is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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