With the 1450 Mug Ringer from Bonka Bird Toys, your pet can enjoy some chewing, pulling, and foraging fun! Check out the 1450 Mug Ringer, and see its features.

The 1450 Mug Ringer is a chewing, pulling, and foraging toy from Bonka Bird Toys. This is a smaller-sized toy that consists of smiling plastic mini mugs, shiny metal rings, acrylic plastic charms, a fun noisy bell, and a quick-link attachment at the top for easy hanging in the cage.

It never hurts to give your feathered friend a pleasant surprise toy to play with. Versatile and colorful toys like the 1450 Mug Ringer help alleviate cage boredom, and they keep your pet active and engaged. There are so many different ways that you can use the 1450 Mug Ringer. With just a little bit of creativity, this unique toy can really go a long way. And one super cool aspect is that this toy can be enjoyed by virtually any bird, big or small.

The easiest way to use the 1450 Mug Ringer is as a chewing toy. Birds can safely chew on the plastic mini mugs, which feature cute smiley faces on them, as well as on the acrylic plastic ring charms. The colorful translucent acrylic rings and the vibrant opaque mugs are both excellent for attracting a bird’s attention. It takes birds longer to chew through plastic than many other chewable materials, so you can expect the 1450 Mug Ringer to be long-lasting.

Some birds like to use the 1450 Mug Ringer for pulling. While smaller birds like budgies and finches might not have the muscle power to pull the toy, larger birds like cockatoos and Amazon parrots will often bite down on one of the toy’s metal rings and pull it all around. When they do this, the metal bell on the toy will begin to ring and make many sound effects. This will make your winged wingman very excited and happy. The metal rings are also good for attaching other toys if you want to expand upon the 1450 Mug Ringer.

Lastly, you can try using the 1450 Mug Ringer for foraging. Simply hide treats and surprises in the plastic mugs for your taloned trustee to find. This works best if you add some shredded paper as well. After all, you want to offer your pet somewhat of a decent challenge when you give them a treasure hunt. Foraging is a natural behavior of birds, so having to hunt for their next surprise and finding it in the 1450 Mug Ringer can be a fun and pleasant experience.

The 1450 Mug Ringer features five (5) metal rings, three (3) mini mugs, four (4) translucent acrylic rings, one (1) metal bell, and a quick-link attachment at the top for easy hanging. All of the components in this toy are bird-safe, but it is still recommended that you supervise your pet when they play with this toy for the first time. The dimensions of this toy are roughly eight (8) inches long, three (3) inches wide, two (2) inches deep, and four (4) ounces in weight. You can get the 1450 Mug Ringer and many other fantastic toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

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