Your smaller bird will love the 3546 Rainbow Spoons from Bonka Bird Toys. The bright colors of the spoons and rings will delight your pet. Check out this toy.

The 3546 Rainbow Spoons is a small toy from Bonka Bird Toys. This toy consists of a colored cube with attachments on each side. There are colored plastic spoons and acrylic rings for your pet to enjoy. A quick-link attachment at the top of the toy allows you to hang it from the cage.

The bright colors of the 3546 Rainbow Spoons are easily the toy’s main attraction. Once your feathered friend sees the vibrant design, they will be super eager to play. Remember that bright colors really stand-out to birds, and they catch their eyes quickly. That is why you will often find brightly colored bird toys. Not only are they super noticeable in the cage, they also get birds excited and eager toy play.

Various puzzle-like shapes come together to form the main cube body of the 3546 Rainbow Spoons. These shapes have holes in them, which we used to run chains through the toy. The chains secure colored plastic spoons and translucent acrylic rings that your pet can use for chewing. There is even a metal ring attachment at the base of the toy that holds an additional spoon for some extra fun. You might even consider attaching a bell of your own to this metal ring to make noisy sound effects as your bird plays.

Many birds like to pull on the spoons and rings on the 3546 Rainbow Spoons to shake the toy all around. The flurry of colors can really get your pet interested in the toy and encourage them to continue their play session. There are also many grooves and indentations made in the plastic pieces that form the cube, and birds can walk on the toy to exercise their talons. This really is a unique toy that offers many fun options for playing and possibilities for expansion.

You can also use the 3546 Rainbow Spoons as a foraging toy. A common way to do this is to hide treats and surprises inside the plastic cube for your bird to find. You can even stuff the holes with colored shreddy paper to give your bird something to look for. Keep in mind that birds are natural hunters, and they love to look around for goodies. By giving your bird something to search for, you can help your pet stay mentally focused and engaged.

The 3546 Rainbow Spoons measures about (10.25) inches tall and three (3) inches wide. It weighs less than four (4) ounces, making it light enough for small birds to pull around. The toy is made of completely bird-safe materials, but you should still supervise your pet during their first play session. The attachment at the top of the toy is a quick-link that you can use for easily hanging the toy from the cage. The 3546 Rainbow Spoons is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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