The 1751 Shred Chain Waterfall can surely entertain your medium to large sized feathered friend. Check out the 1751 Shred Chain Waterfall from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1751 Shred Chain Waterfall is a chewing and pulling toy from Bonka Bird Toys. This toy is built with medium to large pet birds in mind. It offers a variety of bright colors and beak pleasing textures to entertain your pet. Your beaked pal won’t be able to get enough of this toy!

As you know, keeping your pet bird active is very important. A bird left cooped up inside a cage can grow restless and demonstrate undesirable behavior. Birds that are properly entertained and given a variety of toys to play with are more likely to be happy and healthy. A versatile toy like the 1751 Shred Chain Waterfall will surely entertain your pet and help them live an active lifestyle. This toy offers so much fun and opportunities for play. Your feathered friend will be thrilled to engage into playtime.

The main highlight of the 1751 Shred Chain Waterfall is the thick, natural wooden dowel. We’re not kidding when we say that this natural wood is thick. It will take your pet a very long time to chew through it. This will give your winged wingman more time for beak exercise. Maintaining a strong and healthy beak is important for a bird, and the act of chewing will feel very satisfying. And it’s always good when your pet can enjoy natural wood like they would find out in the wild.

The natural wood dowel on the 1751 Shred Chain Waterfall is adorned with a variety of different items and textures to please your pet. Hanging from the dowel are knotted paper strands and link chains that secure brightly colored acrylic dice, plastic beads, and acrylic rings and pacifiers. Your pet can pull on the hanging strands and chains for some extra exercise. Pulling on a toy is a fun and exciting exercise for a bird that is sure to alleviate cage boredom. We even attached two (2) bells to the bottom of the toy to add some fun ringing sound effects as your pet plays!

The 1751 Shred Chain Waterfall is made of completely bird-safe materials, but you should still supervise your pet during their first play session to ensure a fun and safe experience. The toy measures about (17) inches tall and eight (8) inches wide, so make sure you have enough space in the cage. The toy has a quick-link attachment at the top for easy installation. Your pet will love the visually stimulating aspects of the 1751 Shred Chain Waterfall and all the playtime possibilities that it offers. This toy is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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