Your big pet bird will love 1734 Large Pineapple! It is perfect for chewing, pulling, and climbing. Check out the 1734 Large Pineapple from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1734 Large Pineapple is a chewing, pulling, and climbing toy that is sold by Bonka Bird Toys. Its main body is a wooden plank that resembles a pineapple. The highly recognizable toy offers a lot of versatility in how it can be used. Your pet will love the 1734 Large Pineapple!

The excitement of the 1734 Large Pineapple comes from the holes that are drilled into the toy’s man body. In total, there are eight (8) holes. The six (6) upper holes have knotted leather strands that secure wooden chew beads. Then the two (2) holes at the bottom have stainless steel chains running through. The chains pass through stacks of wooden squares and spherical wood pieces that dangle below. This gives your pet many ways to enjoy the toy.

One very popular way to use the 1734 Large Pineapple is as a chew toy. The toy’s main wooden pineapple body, wooden squares, and tied leather strands are all great for chewing. Regular chewing is very good for a bird’s beak, and the different textures found on the 1734 Large Pineapple will feel very satisfying. Additionally, the bright colors of the toy can make a bird very excited. This can help get your pet ready for some chewing.

Many birds like to bite down on one of the wooden squares dangling from the bottom of the 1734 Large Pineapple and pull the stacks of wooden objects all around. This will cause the rest of the toy to rattle and shake, which will cause great excitement for your feathered friend. The pleasant sound effects will get your pet all rowdy and make them want to keep playing. You can even add noisy objects like bells to the metal rings at the bottom of the wood stacks for some extra noisy fun!

If your taloned trustee is up for a fun challenge, they might try climbing the 1734 Large Pineapple. There are four (4) stacks of wooden squares and beads, and your pet can try to climb them by using its legs and talons. This is a great exercise for birds, and it helps them keep their bodies in top physical condition. Some birds like to sway back and forth as they scale the wooden stacks to make the toy shake all around. This will cause a flurry of bright colors that will please your pet.

The 1734 Large Pineapple is about (20) inches long, (4.75) inches wide, and three (3) inches deep. The toy weighs less than (11) ounces, and large birds will have no trouble pulling it. You can easily hang this toy by using the quick-link attachment at the top. Remember that the 1734 Large Pineapple is best-suited for large birds. If you have a smaller feathered friend, then you might consider the 1733 Medium Pineapple instead. Both the 1733 Medium Pineapple and the 1734 Large Pineapple are built from totally bird-safe materials, but you should still supervise your pet during their first play session. Both toys are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.


Thomas Park said:

My African grey loves thus toy. Every day I have to re-insert the leather straps and beads as she takes them off. I can’t find them in Canada. Depending on the price I would be happy to buy 3 of them. How much are they? What would be the shipping to Pickering Ontario?

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