If your winged wingman likes thick plastic toys for chewing and foot exercises, then we’ve got the perfect treat! Check out the 3505 Pk6 Nuts and Bolts.

The 3505 Pk6 Nuts and Bolts is a foot toy and chew toy built for larger birds. This toy of six (6) huge nuts and bolts have smooth, thick plastic that feels great on a bird’s beak and talons. They are perfect for hanging and tossing around the cage. They can also be used as foraging toys.

Chunky, plastic toys like the 3505 Pk6 Nuts and Bolts are a go-to for owners of larger birds. Big feathered friends can carry them around and use them for talon exercises. This is a great way for a bird to strengthen its lower body. Active birds like to work all the muscles in their bodies, and that includes their legs. By leaving nuts and bolts around the aviary, your pet can pick them up, toss them around, and march all over them.

You can also use the 3505 Pk6 Nuts and Bolts by hanging them from the top of the cage with some string or twine. Put them by the perch for your bird to chew and gnaw on. This will allow your flying friend to strengthen their beak, while also enjoying the tough plastic texture. Keep in mind that these nuts and bolts are very thick and chunky. If you have a smaller bird, then this may be a bit much for them to enjoy. But large birds will love the challenge of trying to destroy these super tough nuts and bolts.

The reason why birds are so each to play with the 3505 Pk6 Nuts and Bolts is because of the toy’s bright colors. Each nut and bolt comes in a bold, vibrant color that is sure to stand-out. Once your pet sees the colored plastic, they will know that they are in for a fun play session. Some bird lovers like to get extra creative by hiding shredded paper and treats underneath the threaded cores. That is a great way to encourage foraging and satisfying your pet’s natural instinct to hunt and explore.

You get six (6) nuts and six (6) bolts in each order of the 3505 Pk6 Nuts and Bolts. You will find that the nuts and bolts are easy to screw together or apart, depending on how your pet likes to play. A large bird will have no trouble throwing them around the cage thanks to their lightweight design. And there are many shapes to enjoy, including triangles, squares, and octagons. The bolts have threaded cores that measure (2.31) inches in length, and each one has a base of (1.7) inches. Each nut has a diameter of about (1.7) inches. Although the nuts and bolts are completely safe for birds, we still recommend supervising your pet during their first play session. The 3505 Pk6 Nuts and Bolts is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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