Large birds love big and thick plastic foot toys. The 1535 Pk4 Nuts and Bolts from Bonka Bird Toys will make playtime fun. Learn about this great bird toy.

The 1535 Pk4 Nuts and Bolts is a foot toy for larger birds. The smooth, thick plastic feels great on a bird’s talons. They can also be hung from the cage with some string to use as chew toys. You will be able to get super creative with these plastic toys, and your bird will be very pleased.

Many birds have an affinity for thick colored plastic toys like the 1535 Pk4 Nuts and Bolts from Bonka Bird Toys. These huge nuts and bolts are perfect for a bird toy use for talon exercises and strengthening the lower body. Even though birds can fly, they need to work their legs too. And a great aspect of our nuts and bolts is that they can be easily tossed around the cage for your pet to enjoy.

But the 1535 Pk4 Nuts and Bolts can be used as more than just foot toys. Another option is to hang them using some string or chime. Then your beaked pal will happily gnaw on them to enjoy that satisfying plastic texture. These are thick nuts and bolts, so smaller birds may have trouble getting their beaks around them. But large birds will spend hours chewing these colorful plastic pieces.

Speaking of colorful, each nut and bolt in this set is vibrantly colored to attract a bird’s attention. The designs will catch their eyes, and they will want to chew and play and toss the nuts and bolts all around the cage. The nuts and bolts can even be used for foraging, as some bird lovers like to stuff shreddy paper and other surprises underneath the threaded cores. We have also seen some people use them as parts when making their own bird toys!

Each order of the 1535 Pk4 Nuts and Bolts includes four (4) nuts and four (bolts). They are easy to screw on and off, and they are lightweight enough for a large bird to easily throw around as they like. Your feathered friend will also love the different shapes, which include triangles, squares, and octagons. The threaded core of each bolt is about (2.31) inches long, with a base of roughly (1.7) inches. The diameter of each nut is roughly (1.7) inches. This toy is completely bird-safe, but make sure to supervise your pet during the first play session. The 1535 Pk4 Nuts and Bolts is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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