With pieces of chewable colored wood and soft sisal rope, your big beaked buddy will love the 1048 Huge Cluster Chew! Check out this toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1048 Huge Cluster Chew is a toy made for larger birds. This behemoth is sure to stand-out in the aviary, as it features a plethora of chewable wood that is bright colored and strung together with soft sisal rope. Your pet will be thrilled to play with this fun toy from Bonka Bird Toys!

Big birds love big surprises, and that is what you get with the 1048 Huge Cluster Chew. It has loads of colorful wood pieces that are connected together with some beak-pleasing sisal rope. The brightly colored wood pieces are sure to be a massive hit with your beaked buddy, as they will want to keep chewing and playing for hours on end. It’s sure to become a favorite of your pet for a very long time.

A great aspect of the 1048 Huge Cluster Chew is that the wood pieces are all sized a bit differently. This will provide some variety for your feathered friend as they chew through this seemingly endless array of blocks. The soft sisal rope also feels excellent on a bird’s beak, so you will likely find your pet gnawing on that as well. Luckily, the toy is super tough, so it will take your pet awhile to finish.

But the 1048 Huge Cluster Chew doesn’t have to be used for chewing. Some birds like to try and climb up the wood blocks to reach the top. This can be quite the challenge for a bird who doesn’t resort to flying, but they will feel very satisfied climbing upward. Many bird owners don’t realize that climbing is a fantastic exercise for a bird, as it really allows them to work nearly all of their muscles.

At the top of the 1048 Huge Cluster Chew is a quick-link attachment. This is used for hanging it from the top of the cage. Make sure you have enough space in the cage, as the toy measures thirty (30) inches long. It is roughly seven (7) inches wide, and the weight is (52) ounces. The big block at the very top measures five (5) inches in width, and it has a thickness of approximately (1.2) inches.

Large pet birds love to chew, climb, and swing on the 1048 Huge Cluster Chew. Your winged wingman will enjoy this toy for a long time. All of the materials used in the 1048 Huge Cluster Chew are completely bird-safe. But make sure to supervise your pet during the first play session to ensure their safety. The 1048 Huge Cluster Chew is proudly offered from Bonka Bird Toys.

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