You can make your small bird happy with the 3199 Tiny Fun Block from Bonka Bird Toys. Birds love the wooden blocks and plastic rings. Learn about this toy.

The 3199 Tiny Fun Block is a chewing and swinging toy for smaller birds. It consists of a sturdy link chain that secures four (4) small wooden alphabet blocks, small colored interstars, colored plastic rings, and a small metal bell. Birds love to grab and chew on the different textures.

As a bird owner, you want to be sure that your feathered friend is happy and amused. You can do this with fun toys like the 3199 Tiny Fun Block from Bonka Bird Toys. This toy is great for small birds, and it provides them with hours of exciting playtime. Your feathered friend will enjoy chewing and poking the wooden blocks and gnawing on the plastic rings. The sound effects from the metal bell also add a nice touch.

All birds love to work their beaks and keep them in shape. This is done by chewing on a variety of different materials. Chewing is a natural behavior for any bird, and it is very important for keeping them stimulated. The wooden alphabet blocks and the tough plastic rings are perfect chewing materials for small beaks. Your pet will be able to chew to their heart’s content.

Your bird might also be tempted to pull on the 3199 Tiny Fun Block to make the toy swing and sway. Not only is this good exercise for your bird, it will also reward them with some fun sound effects. The toy is very easy to swing, and the ringing bell at the bottom will surely keep them entertained. A rowdy bird might even try to pull the toy around as it hangs from the cage. This is completely fine, and it’s a great way to alleviate cage boredom.

The 3199 Tiny Fun Block has brightly colored acrylic plastic that will attract the attention of your beaked pal and encourage playtime. The toy is easy to hang from the top of the birdcage using the quick link attachment. It weighs about one ounce, and it measures 7 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. The toy is completely bird-safe. You can get this toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

September 02, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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