There is so much to like about the 2116 Chip Delight. It is bird-safe with stainless steel chips and acrylic pacifiers. Learn about the 2116 Chip Delight.

The 2116 Chip Delight is a fun toy for small to medium sized birds. It consists of a sturdy metal chain that is decorated with stainless steel chips and colored acrylic pacifiers. It makes a nice chew toy, and birds enjoy the sounds it makes when it is shaken. It is easy to hang in a cage.

It is very important to give your feathered friends some fun toys to enjoy. A bored bird will likely engage in destructive and undesirable behavior, and it will not want to be your friend. But you can make your pet happy with a fun toy like the 2116 Chip Delight. As you know, we have many toy options available on our website. This particular toy is designed with smaller and medium sized birds in mind.

The first thing to note about the 2116 Chip Delight is that it features an attractive design. The shiny stainless steel chips and vibrant colored pacifiers will catch your bird’s eye and encourage them to partake in a play session. Your beaked pal will be super eager to play with their newest toy. And once they do, they will be delighted to find that it makes a fun jingly sound. This sound is loud enough to amuse your bird, but not loud enough to bother you!

But this toy wouldn’t be complete without some chewing potential. Indeed, your favorite winged companion can work their beak like crazy on the acrylic pacifiers. These materials are totally bird-safe, and chomping down on the tough acrylic plastic will keep a beak strong and healthy. The toy is long-lasting for repeated fun times. Your bird will thoroughly enjoy the pleasant ringing sounds when they pull and tug on the toy.

Another great aspect of the 2116 Chip Delight is that it can be hung in a variety of different ways. You can dangle it from the top of the cage, or you can hang it horizontally. Choose whatever works best for you and your pet. The toy measures about 9 inches long, 1 inch wide, and 2.5 inches deep. It comes with a quick link attachment for easy cage placement.

September 02, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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