Medium and large birds can have a universe of fun with the 1696 Space Balls toy from Bonka Bird Toys. Learn all about this exciting toy and what it offers.

The 1696 Space Balls toy is a fun and exciting bird toy for medium to large pet birds. The toy has colorful plastic foraging balls and several smaller solid balls that are all attached to a plastic chain. Birds love this toy and the joy that it provides. It makes a nice addition to any cage.

Your winged companion will have fun that is out of this world with the 1696 Space Balls toy. The plastic foraging balls and solid plastic balls are all great chew toys for a bird. Your bird needs to work its beak, and they can keep it in top condition by playing with this fun toy. If your bird is extra adventurous, they might try climbing upon this toy for some added exercise. This will present them with a good challenge, and it will certainly keep them interested.

As you probably know, birds love bright colors, and the 1696 Space Balls toy has the visual stimulation that your bird craves. Your feathered friend will flock to this new toy to check it out and get their playtime started. Once your bird realizes what a fun toy it is, they won’t be able to stop! It will become one of the biggest highlights in the cage. Your bird will be a happy camper!

If you want to get really creative, then you can hide fun treats inside the plastic balls for your bird to find. The balls have holes in them so that you can easily tuck surprises away. Some colored shredded paper is perfect for this. Your bird will be eager to forage and search for the treats you have hidden away. Foraging is a natural behavior for a bird, and using the 1696 Space Balls as a foraging toy will surely keep your pet happy.

The 1696 Space Balls toy is completely bird-safe and handmade in Florida. It features a quick link attachment for easy cage placement. The toy measures about 26 inches long and 5 inches wide. It is durable and long-lasting for many repeated play sessions. You can get this toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

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