You can surprise birds of any size with the 2032 3Pk Tri Colored Plastic Balls from Bonka Bird Toys. Our balls make great foot toys! Check out this product.

The 2032 3Pk Tri Colored Plastic Balls is a pack of three (3) rattler balls from Bonka Bird Toys. Each ball is brightly colored and has a rattler to make sound effects as your pet plays. Birds of all sizes love to use these balls as foot toys, and they can also be tied to strings and hung.

Sometimes it’s the simple toys that really delight and please a bird. Our 2032 3Pk Tri Colored Plastic Balls toy comes with three (3) plastic balls, and the 3-pack is sure to please your feathered friend. These balls are tough and durable for long-lasting fun, and the vibrant colors are great for attracting a bird’s attention. Each ball has a dual-color design with two (2) bold colors, and you get an assortment of different colored balls in each order.

There are many ways for your beaked pal to enjoy the 2032 3Pk Tri Colored Plastic Balls. The easiest and most popular way is to just simply toss them around the cage as foot toys. Your winged wingman can march all over the balls for a lower body workout. The balls have openings so that your pet can use their talons to tightly grip them. This will feel nice and satisfying as they try to balance on top of a ball. It can also be very amusing to watch a bird do this!

Many bird lovers like to use the 2032 3Pk Tri Colored Plastic Balls for hanging. You simply tie strings around the openings of the balls and then hang them around the aviary. Your taloned trustee might then try to poke at the balls while they hang. Since the balls have inner rattlers, they will make pleasant sound effects during the play session. Birds are often attracted to the rattling sound of the balls, and it will keep them coming back for more. You might also try shaking the balls yourself to get your pet excited!

One other use for the 2032 3Pk Tri Colored Plastic Balls is to use the balls as foraging toys. The openings allow you to stuff treats and other surprises inside the balls for your pet to find. As you know, birds love to hunt and forage, so giving your pet a little treasure hunt will be much appreciated. This is great for keeping a bird mentally engaged. And of course, you can always use the 2032 3Pk Tri Colored Plastic Balls in arts & crafts and when making your own bird toys.

Each order of the 2032 3Pk Tri Colored Plastic Balls from Bonka Bird Toys comes with three (3) colorful rattler balls. The diameter of each ball is about (3.25) inches, and each ball weighs less than three (3) ounces. The balls are great for big birds and small birds alike. Our balls are totally bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe play session. We’re sure that our 2032 3Pk Tri Color Plastic Balls will make your pet very happy!

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