Your large pet bird will love to bounce the 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball around and make rattling sounds. Learn about this fun toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball is a pulling and foraging toy that is built with large pet birds in mind. The toy consists of three (3) stainless steel link chains that each secures a colorful plastic ball with a rattler inside. This fun, noisy toy is sure to please your feathered friend.

Sometimes it’s the simplest toys that provide the most fun for a pet bird. That really is the case with the 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball. Whether your pet uses it for pulling, foraging, or both, it is sure to be a big hit inside the aviary. Some bird lovers even like to expand upon the toy by hanging another plaything off the bottom of one of the three (3) plastic balls. We also love how each plastic ball has two (2) bright colors to attract a bird’s attention.

The fun begins once you hang the 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball from the top of the aviary using the quick-link attachment. A large pet bird can grip onto one of the plastic balls using its beak and pull the toy all around. Not only is this great exercise for a bird, the fun sound effects of the inner rattlers will get your pet excited and encourage them to keep playing. Birds love the sound of the balls crashing into each other and their inner rattlers shaking all about!

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of the 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball is its ability to be used as a foraging toy. The big plastic rattler balls have large openings, and you can easily stuff treats and other surprises inside the toy for your pet to find. Birds love to forage, and your beaked pal will absolutely love to discover their favorite goodies inside the balls. Having to hunt for a reward also helps to keep a bird’s mind sharp, and it can even encourage more positive behavior and reduced aggression.

The 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball has a quick-link attachment at the top for easy hanging. The three (3) large plastic balls come in an assortment of different colors that are sure to catch the eye of your winged wingman. There are two (2) colors on each ball for extra fun. The plastic balls are tough and durable, and they can easily support extra toys attached below if desired.

In terms of dimensions, the 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball measures about (14) inches height, and nine (9) inches across. Each ball has a diameter of roughly five (5) inches, which makes the toy most suitable for larger pet birds. The complete toy weighs under (20) ounces, and your large bird should have no trouble bouncing the balls all around. All of the materials used in the 1479 Huge Plastic three Ball are totally bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet during playtime to ensure a fun and safe experience. This toy is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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