The 1676 Rainbow Ring, 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring, and 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring are all fun rainbow cotton rope ring toys for birds. Learn about rainbow ring toys.

Yes, pet birds like rainbow cotton rope ring toys. Bonka Bird Toys proudly offers the 1676 Rainbow Ring, the 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring, and the 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring. Each rainbow ring toy has a soft cotton rope construction and a colorful appearance that looks great inside the aviary.

There are many great uses for our rainbow cotton rope ring toys. The most common way that a bird will enjoy one of these toys is by chewing on it. The cotton rope material is tough enough that it feels satisfying on a bird’s beak, while also being soft enough that won’t cause any damage or harm while your pet chews. And with their colorful rainbow designs, our rope rings are sure to quickly attract a bird’s attention.

We also outfitted our cotton rope rings with natural wood chew blocks to provide an additional texture for chewing. Each ring has one (1) wooden chew block, so the 1676 Rainbow Ring with one (1) ring has one (1) block, the 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring has two (2) blocks, and the 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring has three (3) blocks. Many birds will switch between the soft cotton rope and one of the wooden chew blocks to enjoy the unique sensation that each one offers.

Our rope ring toys are also nice for swinging. Birds can perch on the rings and sway them back and forth for some active fun and amusement. Some birds may try to climb up a multi-level rope ring toy for some extra exercise. And there is even potential for adding to the rope rings by tying other toys or items around them using some string or twine. Bells make a popular addition, as they will provide pleasant ringing sound effects as your pet plays.

With a soft cotton rope that feels nice on beaks and talons alike, you really can’t go wrong with our rope ring toys! Each toy has a width of about seven (7) inches and a depth of about (1.25) inches. The 1676 Rainbow Ring has one (1) ring and measures about ten (10) inches long. The 1677 Twin Rainbow Ring has two (2) rings and measures about (16) inches long. The 1678 Tri Rainbow Ring has three (3) rings and measures about (23) inches long. Each toy comes with a quick-link attachment for easy hanging and is completely bird-safe. You can get these rope rings from Bonka Bird Toys.

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