Feathered friends love the 1839 Foraging Star for its bright colors and wads of shreddy paper. Make your bird the star of the show with the 1839 Foraging Star!

The 1839 Foraging Star is a small bird toy from Bonka Bird Toys. The versatile plaything includes everything to make your small beaked pal a happy camper. It is nice for foraging, shredding, and making sounds with its attached bell. Its bright colors are sure to please your feathered friend.

Keeping your small bird entertained is always very important. Even a small bird can have a big temper, and yours might need to blow off some steam every once in a while The 1839 Foraging Star is perfect for this, as the shreddy paper can be pulled upon and torn up by your pet. Many birds also like to chew on the natural vine ball, which is made of the same material they will find out in nature.

The design of the 1839 Foraging Star is quite simple. The top of the toy has a quick-link attachment that is used for hanging in the cage. This leads to a metal wire that runs through the toy. This wire is decorated with a colored plastic straw and two (2) wood beads. As you move further down, you will find a colored wooden star for chewing. Then comes the main highlight of the toy in the natural vine ball that is stuffed to the brim with colored shreddy paper. The vine ball has colored wooden stars on the top and bottom, as well as both sides, for a total of four (4) stars. The stars on the sides have even more bundles of shreddy paper for your pet to pull on and chew. And the 1839 Foraging Star wouldn’t be complete without its attached bell at the bottom!

Needless to say, there are many ways for your avian amigo to enjoy the 1839 Foraging Star. They can pull on the shreddy paper and shake the toy all around to ring the bell. You can hide treats and other surprises inside the vine ball for some foraging fun. Bonka Bird Toys also sells refills of shreddy paper to keep the fun going. You might also consider getting the 1853 Duo Foraging Star or the 1854 Tri Foraging Star for extra bird-pleasing excitement.

All of the materials used in the 1839 Foraging Star are completely bird safe, but it is recommended that you supervise your pet during their first play session. The toy measures about seven (7) inches tall, and it is eight (8) inches wide, with a depth of three inches. Its bright colors really help it stand out, and it is sure to make your pet very happy. The 1839 Foraging Star, the 1853 Duo Foraging Star, and the 1854 Tri Foraging Star are all proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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