A great natural toy for medium to large birds is the 1946 Huge Coco Platt. It is perfect for chewing, and its natural colors look great. Learn about the toy.

The 1946 Huge Coco Platt is an all-natural chew toy from Bonka Bird Toys. It is made with medium to large sized birds in mind. The toy features a half-husk coconut and woven palm leaves that are sure to please your beaked pal. It is great for chewing and very easy to hang from the cage.

Many birds prefer the more toned-down and natural colors that they will find out in the wild. Tropical birds in particular really appreciate the brown coloring of coconuts and palm leaves. And that is exactly what they will get with the 1946 Huge Coco Platt. It looks great if you’re going for a more “tropical” or “island” look in the aviary. The toy consists of a half coconut husk that is adorned with thick strands of woven palm leaves. At the top is a quick-link attachment for easy cage placement.

There are some great options for using the 1946 Huge Coco Platt. For one, it is perfect for chewing. The natural coconut husk and the woven palm leaves will surely satisfy the beak for the winged member of your family. Some bird lovers have been known to hide treats and other surprises among the palm leaves to give their pets something to look for. Birds will forage as a natural instinct, and finding a fun surprise will really make your feathered friend happy. The toy can also be used for climbing, as your bird may try to scale the toy with its talons.

The 1946 Huge Coco Platt is massive, coming in at a whopping two (2) feet tall and six (6) inches wide. If you are looking for something smaller, you might also consider the 1197 Medium Coco Platt or the 1198 Large Coco Platt. These all-natural bird toys are completely bird-safe, but it is advised that you supervise your pet during their first play session to ensure a fun and safe experience. All of these toys are sold by Bonka Bird Toys, and they are sure to bring a fun, island feel to the birdcage.

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