Medium and large birds that need a good play session will have major fun with the 1750 Clacker. Make your bird happy with this great toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

1750 Clacker

The 1750 Clacker is a toy for medium to large sized birds that consists of four (4) stainless steel cups connected with a chain and decorated with vibrant acrylic pacifiers. Pet birds are attracted to the shiny silver cups, and they enjoy the sounds of the cups clashing against each other.

If you need a fun new toy to keep your bird amused and stimulated, then the 1750 Clacker is an excellent choice. It offers many great options for a rewarding playtime session. Your feathered friend will enjoy poking the stainless steel cups and listening to the resulting sounds of them beating and banging against one another. These metal-on-metal sounds can help a bird relieve stress and improve their overall demeanor over time.

Birds that are craving some routine beak exercises will also come to love the 1750 Clacker. The acrylic pacifiers come in different colors, and they will surely attract their attention. They make perfect chew toys for larger birds. Your flying pal will love to bite and gnaw on these durable plastic parts. This behavior is very healthy for birds, and the toy will provide a safe way for your pet to release some pent up energy. Whether your bird wants to work their beak or make some noise, the 1750 Clacker will certainly become one of their favorite playthings.

The 1750 Clacker is a tough, durable toy, and it will stand up nicely to repeated play sessions. Aggressive and energetic birds can make great use of the 1750 Clacker as a way to blow off some steam. Every component of the toy is bird safe, and you can have peace of mind in leaving it alone with your bird. The 1750 Clacker measures about 14 inches long and 6 inches wide. A quick link attachment allows for easy placement inside a birdcage. You can purchase the 1750 Clacker from the Bonka Bird Toys website.

June 27, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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