Medium sized birds that enjoy making noise will love the 1410 Cup Delight. The shiny stainless steel cups will attract their attention. Learn about this toy.

The 1410 Cup Delight is a toy for medium sized birds. It is a rather simple toy that has four (4) stainless steel cups hanging from a linked chain. The cups can clash against each other to make a ringing sound that will amuse your bird. Colorful acrylic rings help attract a bird’s attention.

1410 Cup Delight

Playtime is very important for any bird. You do not want your feathered friend to become bored. This can lead to bird anxiety and unwanted behavior. You can amuse your medium sized bird with the 1410 Cup Delight. Birds love this toy for its shiny silver cups, its vibrant plastic rings and its ability to produce pleasant sounds. This is a very versatile toy that will surely become one of your bird’s favorites.

Birds can be very playful creatures, and they love to produce sounds from objects. The 1410 Cup Delight is perfect for that, as the stainless steel cups can knock against each other to produce a clanging sound. This high-pitched tone is pleasant to a bird’s ears, and it will help encourage them to extend their play session. Getting this type of exercise is very healthy for a bird, and it will help keep them happy.

The four (4) stainless steel cups attached to the chain on the 1410 Cup Delight measure three (3) to four (4) inches in length. The chain itself is roughly 14 inches long. A quick link allows for easy placement in your bird’s cage. The toy can be easily hung horizontally or vertically based on the design of the cage. The colorful rings are vibrant, and they will help the toy be more easily noticed by your bird. All the materials are bird-safe, and the toy is made in the United States. You can purchase the 1410 Cup Delight from Bonka Bird Toys.

June 27, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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