The 1730 Foraging Heart is perfect for larger birds that want to tear some paper and cause some harmless destruction. Learn all about the 1730 Foraging Heart.

The 1730 Foraging Heart is a safe and fun foraging toy for medium to large sized birds. It is great for any bird that wants to tear some paper and get rowdy with their toys. The bright colors will attract their attention, and the toy can provide a great outlet for their stored up energy.

1730 Foraging Heart

As you probably know, birds are quite active creatures. Sometimes your bird just needs to blow off some steam and tear something up. The 1730 Foraging Heart will give your aggressive flying pal the perfect plaything to go and destroy. You will watch with delight as your favorite feathered friend makes their way to this new toy for hours of exciting foraging delightment.

There sure is a lot to take in with the 1730 Foraging Heart. The main attraction is the super cute heart-shaped centerpiece that is filled with brightly colored foraging paper for your bird’s amusement. Attached are several shred tubes and foam spacers that offer some fantastic pulling action. Your bird can work their beak and talons as they play with their new toy and continuously tear it up over many playtime sessions.

If you want to get extra creative, you can hide treats in the 1730 Foraging Heart for added amusement. This is a great way to give your bird a fun challenge in finding their favorite reward. You can even refill the center heart with extra crinkle paper to help the toy last even longer. Both you and your bird are sure to love all that the 1730 Foraging Heart has to offer.

The 1730 Foraging Heart measures in at six (6) inches tall and five (5) inches wide. It comes with a quick link for easy cage placement. The product is handmade in Florida. You can get the 1730 Foraging Heart and other great bird toys from the Bonka Bird Toys website. Give your bird a happy heart with the 1730 Foraging Heart from Bonka Bird Toys!

June 27, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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