If you are looking for a fun foot toy for your small to medium sized bird, then the 1195 Play Three is a good toy for you. Learn about the 1195 Play Three.

The 1195 Play Three is a set of three (3) visually stimulating foot toys that come grouped together from Bonka Bird Toys. The set includes a lux ball foot toy, a foraging ball foot toy and a plastic roller cage. Each toy in the set comes affixed with a bell for your bird to enjoy the sounds.

1195 Play Three

Pet birds love foot toys for the exercise they provide. Your bird needs to work its talons and roll around some small objects to stay healthy. The 1195 Play Three provides exactly what a small to medium sized bird needs for some much-needed foot activity. Your bird will love to perch upon the three plastic toys and play with them for hours on end. They are also great for helping younger bird improve their balance and coordination.

With three toys in the set, there is something fun for any smaller bird. The lux ball has nice wide grips for your bird to stand on and roll to work their legs. The foraging ball has smaller openings, and it is perfect for stuffing with crinkle paper to give your bird a nice surprise on the inside. The plastic roller cage is also lots of fun. You can stand it on its base to give your bird a good spot to rest. Or put it on its side for your bird to roll around.

The colorful design of the 1195 Play Three cannot be overstated. Birds love bright colors, and each toy in the set is sure to attract their attention. The built-in bells also add a pleasant touch, as sound stimulation can be quite enjoyable for smaller birds. The sound will give your bird added reason to play with these fun toys and roll them around their cage.

Each toy in the 1195 Play Three measures about 1.5 inches in diameter, which is good for small to medium sized birds. These toys are constructed from a durable plastic for repeated play sessions. The varied shapes will keep your bird interesting in grasping and manipulating them to their liking. With three toys in one, you cannot go wrong with the 1195 Play Three from Bonka Bird Toys.

June 27, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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