Medium to large sized birds love the 3196 Large Fun Ball. The toy features bright colors and lots of amusing shapes. Learn about the 3196 Large Fun Ball.

The 3196 Large Fun Ball is a bird toy for medium to large sized birds. It consists of a metal chain that contains some brightly colored plastic balls and some knobby bulbs. It is perfect for birds needing to work their beaks and talons. Your feathered friend will certainly love this toy.

Providing a fun environment for your bird is extremely important. You do not want your pet to become bored. If you bird becomes bored, then they will become unhappy and demonstrate their displeasure through undesirable behavior. Luckily, you can keep your bird happy and amused with an awesome toy like the 3196 Large Fun Ball. This toy will provide something pleasant for your bird to enjoy and keep them mentally stimulated.

Birds love bright colors, and the 3196 Large Fun Ball certainly delivers in that department. The plastic balls and bulbs are all brightly colored and sure to attract your bird’s attention. This toy also provides a bird with a good outlet for expending their energy. Your bird can work their beak on the balls and knobs, and they can even use their legs to try and climb up the toy. This will give your bird a good workout, and it will help prevent an aggressive attitude due to boredom.

Another fun way to use the 3196 Large Fun Ball is to give your bird a foraging challenge. The plastic balls have holes in them, and you can hide treats and shredded paper inside. Your beaked buddy will be excited to search through the ball to find their favorite surprise. This is excellent mental stimulation for a bird, and it will work to promote good long-term health.

The 3196 Large Fun Ball is completely bird-safe, and it includes a quick link attachment for easy cage placement. A bell hangs at the bottom for some added effects to please your bird. The toy measures about 14 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. You can get this toy and many other great toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

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