Your feathered friend will be beaming once they see the 3502 Medium Sunshine from Bonka Bird Toys. It’s fun to chew and climb. Learn about this great toy.

The 3502 Medium Sunshine is a chewing and climbing toy for medium-sized birds. The toy offers many peak-pleasing textures, including natural wood and leather. The hanging wood pieces are particularly great for climbing. And the toy really stands-out with its brightly colored sunshine design.

If your bird has a fondness for wooden textures, then they will love the 3502 Medium Sunshine. The main body of the toy consists of a half-inch (½) thick piece of wood that has been cut and colored to resemble a cute smiling sunflower. Its colorful and pleasant design is sure to attract attention. Your pet will love to chew the wood to work its busy beak.

But that’s only the beginning of what the 3502 Medium Sunshine offers. In the main body of the toy are six (6) drilled holes, and each one has a strip of natural leather running through it. These leather strips are used to hold two (2) colorful wooden chew beads. There are (12) wooden chew beads in total, and the leather strands are great for pulling. Your avian amigo will have no trouble pulling it all around, as the entire toy weighs less than nine (9) ounces in total.

We didn’t stop there, as you will find two (2) sturdy link chains strung through the bottom of the toy. These chain secure stacks of wooden disks and chew beads that are perfect for climbing. Your taloned trustee will be able get a fantastic leg workout as they try to climb up the hanging tower. This makes the 3502 Medium Sunshine a true delight for any climber!

You can even add-to the 3502 Medium Sunshine using the four (4) metal rings at the bottom. These are excellent for hanging other toys and treats to make your beaked pal a happy flyer. With loads of wooden objects for chewing and climbing, you really can’t go wrong with this fun and versatile toy. It conveniently hangs from the cage using a quick-link attachment.

The 3502 Medium Sunshine is most fun for small to medium sized feathered friends. It measures (16) inches long, (5) inches wide, and (2.5) inches deep. If you have a larger bird, then you might want to check out the 1633 Large Sunshine, which is also sold by Bonka Bird Toys. All of the materials used in both the 3502 Medium Sunshine and the 1633 Large Sunshine are completely bird-safe, but make sure to supervise your pet during their first play session.

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