Small pet birds can use our Lux Balls as foot toys. You get four (4) balls in the 1405 Pk4 Lux Balls Pack from Bonka Bird Toys. Check out these fun balls.

The 1405 Pk4 Lux Balls is a pack of four (4) plastic and colorful Lux Balls from Bonka Bird Toys. The Lux Balls are popular for smaller birds to use as foot toys, and you can also tie them to a string and hang them from the cage. The tough plastic allows them to withstand many play sessions.

You really can’t go wrong with the 1405 Pk4 Lux Balls from Bonka Bird Toys. These balls are simple, tough, and fun. There are so many great ways to use them. Whether you leave them around for your pet to play with or hang them up, they are sure to be a big hit. Their compact size makes them ideal for any small feathered friends in your family. And with four (4) balls in each order, there is always more fun to be had!

One way for a bird to enjoy the 1405 Pk4 Lux Balls is to try balance on the balls and use them as foot toys. Your pet can strengthen its lower body and talons by marching on the balls and climbing on top of them. Many birds like to check out objects hanging out at the bottom of the aviary, and the bright, dual-color design of the 1405 Pk4 Lux Balls will quickly attract the attention of your winged wingman!

Another option is to hang the 1405 Pk4 Lux Balls in the cage. The small openings in the sides of the balls are perfect for tying some string or twine and then hanging as needed. Your beaked pal can then poke at the balls and shake them all around. You might even hide some treats or other surprises in the openings for some foraging fun. This will provide your pet with the exciting activity of searching for their next reward. Remember, birds love to forage!

But the thing that keeps many birds coming back to the 1405 Pk4 Lux Balls is the rattlers inside. Each Lux Ball has a rattler, and it will provide satisfying sound effects as your pet plays. The rattling sound will excite your taloned trustee as they roll the ball around or poke it while it is hanging up. And as we all know, an excited bird is a happy bird. There’s nothing wrong with getting your pet a little energetic and playful from time to time!

Each ball included in the 1405 Pk4 Lux Balls 4-Pack is about (1.75) inches in diameter. This makes them suitable for small birds. They weigh less than one (1) ounce each, and your pet will have no issue moving them around. The plastic is extremely tough, and you can count on them for many playtime experiences. The material is also totally bird-safe, but make sure to supervise your pet while they play to ensure that they are enjoying the balls. Your flying companion is sure to love these colorful, rattling balls. They are also great for use in arts & crafts and DIY bird toy projects. The 1405 Pk4 Lux Balls 4-Pack is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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