You can give the big bird in your family a nice surprise with the 1297 Huge Tri Swing from Bonka Bird Toys. Swinging and chewing fun awaits! Check out the toy.

The 1297 Huge Jumbo Tri Swing is a swinging and chewing toy from Bonka Bird Toys. As the name implies, this toy is best-suited for larger birds who want to spend their days swinging around and moving freely. We packed so much fun and excitement into this awesome bird toy for your pet!

Like many of our bird toys, the 1297 Huge Jumbo Tri Swing starts with a quick-link attachment at the top for hanging from the cage. You will also find a cluster of soft cotton rope at the top that is ideal for pulling and preening. Your winged wingman can brush up against this rope bundle to adjust their feathers and stay neat and clean. This is just a small bonus from the 1297 Huge Jumbo Tri Swing.

But the real highlight of the 1297 Huge Jumbo Tri Swing comes from the fact that the quick-link attachment branches off into three (3) separate link chains. Each chain secures an array of wooden chew pieces. Some are left in their natural appearance, while others are brightly colored to attract the attention of your pet. Your flying companion will love to chew on the wood blocks and pieces as they play and swing. This is great exercise for their beak, and they will certainly be kept busy with so many blocks to chew on.

Once you reach the end of the wooden pieces, you will find three (3) thick, natural wooden dowels that come together to form a triangle base. These wooden dowels make the perfect perches, and this is where your beaked pal can hang out and swing for hours on end. The toy hangs loose from the top of the cage, so your pet will have no trouble swaying the toy and shaking it all around for some swinging fun. Many parrots and African Greys like to talk and sing while they play on the 1297 Huge Jumbo Tri Swing.

Each of the three (3) corners of the triangular base on the 1297 Huge Jumbo Tri Swing has an extra surprise. There is a metal ring at each corner with a tied natural leather strip. Your avian amigo can bite down on one of the leather strips and pull the toy all around if they are feeling extra rowdy. But also don’t forget about those metal rings. They are great for expanding upon the toy and attaching other little trinkets. Many bird lovers like to attach bells at the bottom so that the toy rings as their bird swings. The ringing sounds of some added bells will surely delight your feathered friend!

The 1297 Huge Tri Swing measures in at about (27) inches long and (17) inches wide, making it suitable for large birds. The dowel diameter is approximately two (2) inches. The toy weights roughly five (5) pounds and two (2) ounces. All of the materials used in this toy are completely bird-safe, but make sure to supervise your pet for a fun and safe playtime experience. The 1297 Huge Tri Swing and many other great toys are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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