Your medium to large feathered friend can use the 101 Super Shredder Ball for shredding, foraging, and preening. Learn about the 101 Super Shredder Ball.

The 101 Super Shredder Ball is a shredding, foraging, and preening toy for medium to large sized birds. The toy consists of a natural twine net ball that is completely stuffed with chewable wooden pieces and colorful shredded paper. It can be repeatedly refilled for long-lasting amusement.

The first thing you will probably notice about the 101 Super Shredder Ball is its incredibly colorful design. At its core, the toy is basically a large twine net that has been shaped into a sphere and then overly stuffed with colored paper and wood pieces. With a total overload of shredded paper, this plaything brings tons of color and excitement to the birdcage. The colors will get your feathered friend excited and eager to play!

Most birds like to get aggressive and tear the 101 Super Shredder Ball completely up. Your beaked pal will have an opportunity to get rowdy as they shred the colored paper and destroy the natural twine net. Every bird needs to blow off some steam from time to time. That’s what makes shredding toys like the 101 Super Shredder Ball so nice. They allow birds to partake in some very satisfying roughhousing fun. And don’t worry about running out of shredded paper, as you can always buy more and refill the toy!

But the 101 Super Shredder Ball isn’t just for shredding and tearing up. It also makes an excellent foraging toy, as you can hide treats and surprises amongst the colored paper and wood pieces. Birds forage as a natural instinct. Out in the wild, they have to look around for food. Your bird’s own natural instinct is to search around for goodies and surprises. This behavior helps them stay mentally strong and engaged. Giving your pet a fun challenge by hiding something inside the 101 Super Shredder Ball is a fantastic way to help spark their interest!

We also recommend the 101 Super Shredder Ball for preening. Birds spend a lot of time adjusting and cleaning their feathers. Certain toys like the 101 Super Shredder Ball can be helpful in this aspect. Your taloned trustee can rub their wings and feathers against the toy for a pleasing preening session. Not only will this help your pet stay clean, it will also feel quite nice for them. The huge cluster of paper will allow your bird to position its feathers in certain ways that wouldn’t be possible by using their beak alone.

The 101 Super Shredder Ball is made of completely bird-safe materials. But it is still advised that you supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe experience. The toy has a quick-link attachment at the top so that you can easily hang it from the cage. The 101 Super Shredder Ball measures approximately (15) inches tall and eight (8) inches wide, making it best-suited for medium to large birds. The entire toy weighs less than (20) ounces, so your pet will have no trouble moving it around to their liking. This toy is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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