Make your pet glad with the 1344 Large Indestructible Pipe Bell. Birds love the bright colors and ringing sounds. Discover this fun bell from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1344 Large Indestructible Pipe Bell is a bell toy from Bonka Bird Toys that is made for large pet birds. The toy is brightly colored to attract the attention of birds, and its ringing sounds are sure to keep your pet coming back to play. The bell is available in five (5) assorted colors.

Pipe bells actually make fantastic toys for birds. Their high-pitched ringing sounds are quite pleasing, as birds use high-pitched voices to communicate. The tough design of the 1344 Large Indestructible Pipe Bell is also a major asset, as the ringing sounds have been known to excite birds and get them to engage into some rough playtime. But no matter how aggressive your beaked pal gets, they don’t stand a chance against this indestructible bell!

The thin nature of the pipe bell is no accident. You don’t want your bird to get its head stuck inside of the bell. And the 1344 Large Indestructible Pipe Bell is too thin for this to happen. Making sure the toys we offer are safe is always very important to us. You also won’t need to worry about your flying pal breaking off the bell’s ringing clapper. There is no way for them to stick their beak in far enough to pull it off.

What makes the 1344 Large Indestructible Pipe Bell so tough is its special powder-coated steel construction. The powder-coated steel is zinc-free and completely safe for birds. And it is strong enough to withstand the roughest play sessions, without ending up with dents and chips. The bell will keep ringing proudly, and your feathered friend will stay happy! You can choose from color options of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. You might even consider getting all five (5) colors to make a nice rainbow of bells!

To install the 1344 Large Indestructible Pipe Bell, just hang it from the top of the cage. There is a quick-link connector at the end of the chain, so you won’t have any trouble securing it. You can also rest easy in knowing that the bell is not prone to coming off its sturdy link chain, which is just as durable as the bell itself. With the chain included, the toy is roughly nine (9) inches long and two (2) inches across. The actual bell measures (3.5) inches long and (2) inches in diameter.

The 1344 Large Indestructible Pipe Bell is best-suited for large pet birds. It can be used nicely as its own standalone toy, or you can pair it with an existing toy for extra creativity. We also have smaller pipe bells available in the 1341 Small Indestructible Pipe Bell and the 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell. We promise a beautiful color finish and super tough bell no matter which option you choose! All of these bell toys are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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