Double the rings means double the fun! Your medium bird will love to play and swing on the 1037 Ring Ring Rope Swing from Bonka Bird Toys. Check out this toy.

The 1037 Ring Ring Rope Swing is a toy from Bonka Bird Toys that is perfect for medium-sized birds. This toy is highlighted by the dual cotton rope rings that are ideal for chewing and perching. A rope cluster at the bottom is great for preening, and there’s even a shiny bell hidden inside!

With two (2) rope rings to enjoy, your feathered friend can have double the fun! The colorful design on the 1037 Ring Ring Rope Swing will attract your bird’s attention and encourage them to play. The toy is great for swinging, as a bird can perch on one of the rings and sway it back and forth. And once your avian amigo won’t want to stop once they start gnawing on the soft cotton rope. This material feels great on a bird’s beak, and routine chewing is natural and healthy behavior.

A huge benefit of having two (2) interlinked rope rings is that your pet can try to climb from the bottom ring to the top one. Climbing is a fantastic exercise for birds, and it’s excellent for keeping them healthy and strong. Birds also like to engage in preening by rubbing their feathers against the cluster of rope at the bottom of the toy. And your winged wingman will be delighted to find that there is actually a secret bell hidden inside the rope cluster. This ringing bell will get your pet super excited and keep them coming back to play with the 1037 Ring Ring Rope Swing for hours on end.

Some colored plastic charms on the 1037 Ring Ring Rope Swing provide additional textures for your pet to chew on. You can easily use the plastic charm rings to attach additional toys and surprises for an extra fun play session. We also love the fact that there’s a quick-link attachment at the top of the toy for hanging from the cage. Although the 1037 Ring Ring Rope Swing is simple in design, it really offers everything a bird needs for a fun time. It is sure to make a great addition to your birdcage.

You can’t go wrong with the 1037 Ring Ring Rope Swing. It offers the beak-pleasing texture of soft cotton rope, a fun colorful design, and fun surprises like a shiny bell and plastic charms to keep your flying entertained for hours on end. The top measures about (28.5) inches from the top of the chain to the bottom hanging bell. Each of the two (2) rope rings has a diameter of about (11.5) inches. The rope thickness measures about (0.75) inches. It weighs about one (1) pound. All of the materials used in the 1037 Ring Ring Rope Swing are completely bird-safe, but we still advise supervising your pet when they first play with it to ensure a safe experience. The 1037 Ring Ring Rope Swing is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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