A high-quality pipe bell is a great toy for a bird. The ringing sounds and bright colors are lots of fun. Check out the 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell.

The 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell is a medium-sized pipe bell toy from Bonka Bird Toys. Your pet bird will love our pipe bells for their vibrant colors and satisfying ringing sounds. The toy is available in five (5) assorted colors, and it is built with medium birds in mind.

A bell might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a bird toy. But it’s actually not too surprising. Birds like high-pitched sounds, which is exactly what the 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell provides. And many birds have been known to get a little rowdy and aggressive at times. So when you have a super rugged and virtually indestructible pipe bell, it’s a real winner!

The design choice of the 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell is great both for birds and the people who love them. As a pipe bell, the structure is too thin for a medium-sized pet bird to get their head stuck inside. That is an important safety factor. And while your feathered friend can ring the bell to no end, they won’t be able to fit their beak inside the bottom enough to break off or destroy the bell’s ringing clapper. If that were to happen, the bell would basically become a useless metal tube. But that’s not a concern with the 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell.

It’s safe to say that the 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell lives up to its name. Even the toughest pet doesn’t stand a chance against the zinc-free powder-coated steel used in the construction of the bell and its chain. There won’t be any dents, and the bell will keep on ringing even after the roughest of play sessions. And you can choose your bird’s favorite color, as Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple finishing options are available. We’re sure that your pet will appreciate any color, but you can make that call.

Setting up the 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell is very easy. Just hang it from the top of the aviary using its quick-link connector. The bell will never come off its sturdy link chain, which is built to withstand a feisty bird on its most aggressive and playful day. The powder-coated steel is totally safe for birds, so you will have proper peace of mind in knowing that your avian amigo is taken care of. This medium pipe bell with its attached chain is about nine (9) inches long and roughly (1.25) inches wide.

Your beaked pal will love the 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell as a standalone toy, or you can add it to an existing toy or use it in arts and crafts. Either way, you will surely be pleased with the results. Bonka Bird Toys also offers the 1341 Small Indestructible Pipe Bell and the 1344 Large Indestructible Pipe Bell if you’re looking for a different sized bell. Each one features a beautiful color finish and an ultra durable design!

August 28, 2020 — Bonka Bird Toys

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