Birds love pipe bells for their pleasant ringing sounds and fun vibrant colors. Check out this tough and durable pipe bell for your small feathered friend.

The 1341 Small Indestructible Pipe Bell is a small-sized pipe bell toy from Bonka Bird Toys. This brightly colored pipe bell will provide fun and amusement for any small bird in your family. Your pet will really enjoy the ringing sounds the bell makes when poked or swung around the cage.

Birds use high-pitched sounds when communicating, so it’s natural that they enjoy the ringing sound of a bell. After giving the 1341 Small Indestructible Pipe Bell a few nice taps, your pet will be eager to replicate the sound by poking and swinging the toy. It’s pretty amazing how a simple little pipe bell can make such a nice addition to an aviary!

Of course, there are a few key aspects that make the 1341 Small Indestructible Pipe Bell such a nice toy for birds. Safety is an important factor, and the thin design of the bell makes it impossible for a tiny bird to get its head or beak stuck inside the toy. They also won’t be able to break off the ringing clapper inside the bell. After all, a bell with a broken clapper isn’t much fun at all. You won’t have to worry about that here.

We’re not kidding when we call the 1341 Small Indestructible Pipe Bell “indestructible”. This bell is made of powder-coated steel, and even the toughest bird won’t be able to put a dent in this material. We also love the fact that the 1341 Small Indestructible Pipe Bell has five (5) color options available. You can choose from Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Purple, and the bell will never lose its finish. Your pet will adore the eye-catching color of the bell, and they will be super eager to play!

The 1341 Small Indestructible Pipe Bell is very easy to hang from the top of the birdcage with its quick-link connector. Its sturdy chain is ultra tough, and it can stand up nicely even to the roughest of playing and ringing sessions. The powder-coated pipe bell and link chain are both zinc-free and completely safe for birds. The bell with its attached chain measures roughly nine (9) inches long, and it is about one (1) inch wide, making it ideal for small feathered friends.

Whether you use the 1341 Small Indestructible Pipe Bell as a standalone toy or add it to a toy you’ve made yourself, your bird is sure to love it! If you’re looking for a larger bell, then consider checking out the 1343 Medium Indestructible Pipe Bell or the 1344 Large Indestructible Pipe Bell. All are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys!

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