Birds love our mini sneakers. You can’t go wrong with a 6-pack. The tiny foot toys offer many possibilities. Check out the 1216 Pack 6 Mini Sneaker Foot Toys.

The 1216 Pack 6 Mini Sneakers Foot Toys are bird toys sold by Bonka Bird Toys. Each order consists of six (6) mini sneakers that you can use however you want. They work great as foot toys or for hanging from the cage. Some people also use them in creative projects for arts and crafts.

While these sneakers may be small, they are exactly like the real thing. Birds enjoy pulling and chewing on the laces and rubber soles of the tiny shoes. A common tactic is to hang them from the top of the birdcage using the laces so that you bird can poke and chew to their heart’s content. Some creative bird lovers have been known to stuff the sneakers with shredded paper and other treats to give their pets some foraging excitement. Birds love to search around and forage, so hiding some surprises inside will surely lead to a happy feathered friend.

But your bird doesn’t have to use the mini sneakers as chew toys. In fact, many bird owners think that they work even better lying around the cage bottom as foot toys. Your bird can walk over the mini sneakers to exercise its talons. Some larger birds will even try to pick up the mini sneakers with their feet and carry them around the cage or fly off with them. It can actually be quite funny to watch, and we’re sure it’s a lot of fun for the bird too. Just imagine your winged pal carrying one of its mini sneakers all around.

You can get very creative with the 1216 Pack 6 Mini Sneaker Foot Toys. With six (6) mini sneakers to work with per order, there is a lot you can do. Some buyers like to unleash their inner creativity and use the mini sneakers when making their own bird toys. We always encourage a little DIY fun, and you can certainly find a way to fit these small shoes into your next toy-making project. We have even found that the mini sneakers work great in general arts and crafts projects. Some people even like them as a fun goodie bag treat for baby showers.

Each mini sneaker is roughly three (3) inches wide, (1.5) inches tall, and (1.25) inches deep. All of the materials used in the mini sneakers are completely safe for birds. However, we still advise supervising your feathered friend when they play with them for the first time. Our mini sneakers are sure to be a big hit in your aviary with their varying textures and materials. Each sneaker in the order comes in a different color. The colors include Orange, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Light Green, and Yellow. Place an order of the 1216 Pack 6 Mini Sneaker Foot Toys and get six (6) fun and versatile mini sneakers for your birdcage today!

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