Your beaked buddy will love this massive ring of cotton rope! It is great for preaching, swinging, chewing, and perching. Check out the 1046 Huge Rope Ring.

The 1046 Huge Rope Ring is a toy from Bonka Bird Toys that consists of a big ring of soft cotton rope. It is great for a medium to large bird to perch upon so that they can swing back and forth. Your pet will also love chewing on the soft cotton material and using it to preen their feathers.

Not every bird toy needs to be super fancy. And with the 1046 Huge Rope Ring, it’s about as simple as it gets. The toy is centered around a massive cotton rope ring. There is a cluster of rope at the bottom that is perfect for preening. A chain with a quick-link attachment at the top allows you to easily hang it from the cage. Although it is simple, the 1046 Huge Rope Ring is sure to offer loads of fun for your feathered friend.

Where the 1046 Huge Rope Ring really excels is its versatility. There are so many ways for your pet to enjoy this toy. Birds love to perch on the cotton rope ring as it hangs so that they can swing and sway on it. The soft cotton rope is great for chewing, as the texture feels very nice on a bird’s beak. Your pet will be attracted to the colorful design on the rope ring, which helps it really stand-out in the cage. And the bottom rope cluster is very useful for when a bird needs to adjust their feathers.

There are also some other cool surprises on the 1046 Huge Rope Ring. Two (2) plastic charms are added to offer your pet some additional textures to enjoy. And there’s a nice shiny bell at the bottom of the bring to make some fun ringing noises for your feathered friend. We also can’t forget about the quick-link attachment at the top of the toy that allows you to hang it from the aviary with ease. Your winged wingman will be playing and swinging in no time at all!

The 1046 Huge Rope Ring has a total height of roughly (28) inches. This measures from the top of the chain to the bottom of the lower metal bell. The cotton rope ring diameter is about (17.25) inches, and the rope thickness is approximately (1.25) inches. The entire toy weighs about one (1) pound. All of the materials used in this toy are completely bird-safe, but we do recommend supervising your pet during their first play session. The 1046 Huge Rope Ring is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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