Birds of all sizes love to play with the 3306 Star Shred from Bonka Bird Toys. It offers hours of shredding and pulling fun. Learn about the 3306 Star Shred.

The 3306 Star Shred is a shredding and pulling toy from Bonka Bird Toys. This toy consists of a huge roll of shreddy paper that is sandwiched between two (2) bubble stars, with a plastic chain hanging from the bottom. It is a completely safe toy that will offer hours of fun for your pet.

As you probably know, birds are sometimes quite mischievous, and they will stop at nothing to tear something up and shred it all over. Why not give your pet a safe outlet for these destructive behaviors with the 3306 Star Shred? Small birds and large birds alike can make great use of this satisfying toy that will offer the destructive outlet they have been looking for.

Starting from the top, the 3306 Star Shred begins with a sturdy link chain that runs through the entire toy. You will then find a big roll of shreddy paper that rests in-between two (2) medium plastic bubble stars. These bubble stars both feature six (6) round petals that your pet can chew on and use to pull the toy all around.

But the real action of the 3306 Star Shred comes from the shreddy paper roll. Once your bird realizes they can pull apart the paper, they will spend hours unrolling the roll and tearing the paper all up. If the paper roll runs out, then we recommend replacing it with the 3135 2pk Large Shredmaster Refill. We also want to mention the plastic chain link hanging from the bottom of the 3306 Star Shred. This is great for making additions to the toy and adding fun foraging surprises.

The 3306 Star Shred measures in at about 16 inches tall and 3 inches across. It weighs roughly 14 ounces. All of the materials used in this fun toy are completely safe for birds. It is tough and durable for long-lasting fun. A quick-link attachment allows for easy cage placement. You can get this product and many other great toys from Bonka Bird Toys. 

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